Twin Peaks — Lodging Magazine

Jerry Reyes had a tough act to follow when he took over as the director of housekeeping at the W New Orleans Hotel in 2005: his identical twin brother, Ramon. Jerry not only had to live up to certain expectations because of the fine job Ramon did before leaving to become the director of rooms at the W Hotel Atlanta; he also faced the burden of expectations that came with his co-workers assuming Ramon never left.

“For my first year there, everyone called me Ramon,” Jerry recalls. “I just had to roll with it. It was too time-consuming to give multiple explanations a day.”

“When I visited the hotel a while after, everyone was calling me Jerry,” adds Ramon with a laugh. “We don’t correct people. If I see someone on the street, someone waves at me, I just wave back.”

The Reyes twins don’t just look alike. They work alike too, using similar hands-on management styles and an equal level of drive to rise to comparable heights in the New Orleans hospitality industry. Ramon, who first broke into the business as a doorman, is now the director of operations at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel. Jerry, who got his start as a waiter at a hotel restaurant, is the director of rooms at the Loews New Orleans. It’s been an impressive dual upward trajectory for these 34-year-old brothers.

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