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Annapolis, MD

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What to Do in Annapolis, Maryland

At Loews Hotels, our motto when it comes to seeing the sights is “always trust the locals.” Which means you should count on us when you want the lowdown on what’s fun to do in the area. From museums and shopping to Annapolis boat tours, activities for kids and sporting events, we’ll keep you in touch with the best that Annapolis has to offer.Contact our concierge for even more things to do on your trip.

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A Music Lover's Guide to Annapolis

Annapolis may be known as a sailing town, but there’s lots of fun to be found on land, too. We recommend taking in some live music at one of the amazing venues around the city. Small or large, open mic night or internationally renowned, classical or rock, there is a venue in Annapolis just right for you... Read more

Annapolis Nightlife

If you’re looking to paint the town red, or perhaps just sit back in a cozy leather chair with a glass of pinot, Annapolis is your haven. In winter weather, boating season and everything in between, weary weekday warriors and general fun-seekers alike are visiting Annapolis for one of its better kept secrets—a rip-roaring good nightlife. We polled some our favorite locals to find out where they go for the best drinks, atmosphere and entertainment in downtown Annapolis... Read more 

Touring the U.S. Naval Academy

Of all the treasures in Annapolis, the most prized treasure of them all has to be the U.S. Naval Academy. You can take a tour—which is just $10, with one running every 15 minutes. We first went into the Lejeune Physical Education Center that is home to an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a 10-meter diving platform. Before the end of a student’s first year, he or she must be able to swim around the pool continuously for 40 minutes and take the plunge off of  the diving platform... Read more

Historic Attractions in Annapolis

Annapolis is the perfect place to literally tread through history. As Visit Annapolis describes it, evidence of the city’s rich history is everywhere, even “in the street plan itself, which has shaped the town ever since 1695, creating charming and dramatic vistas of the Maryland State House, St. Anne’s Church, and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay"... Read more

Sailing on the Chesapeake

Whether dining on Main Street, kayaking on Spa Creek, or relaxing on the Harbor Queen, life in the maritime city naturally revolves around the beautiful Chesapeake. Especially, of course, sailing. Head down to the Annapolis Harbor for an afternoon sailing activity aboard the Schooner Woodwind. This is a sailboat that makes you look twice, not only because of her prime location at the harbor, but also because of her stature... Read more

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