San Francisco

It’s no secret that the street style of San Francisco is one to be envied. How do they achieve such perfect, undone looks? How did they do that with their hair? Where do they get all of these perfect clothes and accessories? Unfortunately, I can’t answer the first two questions (if I knew, I’d share, believe me). But I am happy to shed light on the where. Some of the best shopping in the city is just minutes from Loews Regency San Francisco. I checked in with our concierge team (the ultimate city guides) and found the top 5 San Francisco shopping spots for you to explore.

Courtesy of Christopher Beland

Fillmore Street & Pacific Heights

This area is so cool. There are quite a few boutiques that you won’t find anywhere else, and they hold the key to that signature San Francisco style. There are also some classics, like MAC and Eileen Fisher, for those who are slightly less adventurous. Rag & Bone is one of my favorite stores here, while Heidi Says is a must see; a very cool boutique with the best accessories.

Sacramento Street

Sacramento Street is great for antiquing and home decor. Home goods are my secret weakness. I swear, I live in a small apartment, and claim to be a minimalist, but I buy stuff for my home every single time I go shopping. Honestly, this place is just so cool. They have an outdoor market, and a ton of super cute shops. Rugs, furniture, custom pieces — they have it all here.

Hayes Valley

This is the local spot. Every single shop here is local, and each one is cooler than the last. Thread Lounge is a designer’s sample sale, and the selection is the definition of unique; unlike any other retail store you’ve been to. Hayes Valley is a must see on your shopping list.

Marina/Chestnut Street

It’s a bit further away from the hotel, but this area is the epitome of a cute neighborhood upon first sight, and it definitely continues that vibe when you start poking around. Chestnut Street is the perfect mix of favorites (like Williams-Sonoma and Papyrus) and cool restaurants. The Grove is an adorable coffee shop that will steal your heart as soon as you walk in.

Courtesy of Selbst Gemacht

Union Square

I couldn’t not include Union Square, right? This is one of the most iconic areas for San Francisco shopping. An outdoor mall that surrounds a beautiful courtyard, it is also simply a beautiful place to behold. Now the shopping… excellent (and gigantic) stores await, and I can get lost in this square all day long. Bonus: It’s in a super fun part of San Francisco, so once you’ve gotten all your fashion essentials, the exploration can continue.

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