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Happy Fourth of July! My dog, Scotch, and I started our day with a run in one of my favorite parts of Central Park, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.  Technically Scotch and I paved our course on the Bridle Path as dogs aren’t allowed along the Reservoir, but when I’m running without a dog, I stick to the 1.6 mile loop along the water.  Not only does the Reservoir have gorgeous views of Midtown Manhattan, but it is also set on very flat terrain, unlike the larger paved loop around the park which has some decent hills to climb.

The Reservoir is a popular tourist spot for photos, but, from what I’ve observed, the majority settle for a Kodak moment that could have been better.  Most out-of-towners approach the reservoir from the South side, either from the Upper East or Upper West neighborhoods, and they immediately pose for a family portrait with the Reservoir in the background and head off to the next spot on their itinerary.  Meanwhile, the North side of the Reservoir is really where you want to snap your photos with views of Midtown Manhattan skyline peering over the treeline of Central Park.  If you prefer a sunset view, sit on the grassy patches next to the Reservoir along the East side.

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The Loews Regency is quite close to the South end of the park, so from the hotel up to the Reservoir is about a 2-mile stretch.  You can also opt to hop on the Express 4/5 subway and ride uptown one stop to 86th Street.  From there, you are just two blocks from the entrance of the Park.

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For now, Scotch and I have settled back in air conditioning to bake a blueberry pie for this afternoon’s July 4th picnic in the Park with neighbors and friends.  One of us is a very tired puppy.

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