It’s an oldy but a goody for a reason: dinner and a movie is a timeless date-night tradition. Whether you’re newly dating or have been married for years, you can never go wrong with this classic date pairing. But, if you’re looking to mix it up, I’ve found the perfect Hollywood location for one-stop drinks, dinner and a movie — aka your ideal Los Angeles date night — at E.P. + L.P.!

L.P. Rooftop Bar – Pina Horchata


The first stop on date nights usually involve cocktails to kick-off an evening out together and L.P. has you covered. Head up to their uber-cool rooftop bar and you’re sure to be impressing your date right off the bat! Not only does it offer some of the best views of the Hollywood Hills in West Hollywood but their cocktail menu is crazy creative. I’m a sucker for a cleverly named cocktail and some of theirs literally had me laughing out loud — and ordering them. The “Fresh Spritz of Bel-Air” was too funny to pass up and a semi-frozen slushy drink showed up in front of me featuring a mix of aperol, rosé, watermelon and grapefruit juices. I tend to gravitate towards the sweeter side of the drink menu but this tart cocktail was refreshing on a summer afternoon. My next choice proved to be my favorite and now my go-to choice: Piña Horchata! It’s a tasty take on a piña colada but combines vodka, pineapple, horchata, ginger and cinnamon. I wonder if they’ll let me order a whole pitcher next time?

E.P. Asian Eating House – Lou Dogg’s Crispy Skin Chicken


Alright, you’ve had your drinks and now dinner is calling. E.P. was founded by a couple of Aussies who brought their love of Asian cooking to Southern California, and their menu reflects it. This Asian Eating House combines influences from Thailand, China, and Vietnam and Fiji to create some fantastic dishes. Lucky for us on date night… they offer a dinner and movie package. (More on the movie later!) When you purchase this pairing, you get to select from a 3-course fixed menu and a movie for $49/person including tax and gratuity. And if that deal didn’t capture your attention the menu sure will. I opted for Sticky Spare Ribs, Lou Dogg’s Crispy Skin Chicken, and the DIVINE Mango Pudding. Not only are you guaranteed a great meal, and a movie, but you can also opt for their VIP option which includes reserved film seating. This way you can savor ever delicious moment of your meal before heading back up to the rooftop for the main attraction.

Melrose Rooftop Cinema


Sure, you can go catch any of the new-releases in theaters around town… OR you can cuddle up in a soft blanket on a lawn chair or bean bag and enjoy both cult classics and new releases. I personally don’t think you can top this movie-watching experience and is such a wow-factor on a first date! Melrose Rooftop Cinema operates July to October on Sundays to Wednesdays, featuring cult classics like Pulp Fiction, Hocus Pocus, and The Breakfast Club as well as select new releases like recent hits Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Baby Driver. Located on a roped-off section of the same rooftop you had cocktails on earlier, you can once again take in the sprawling city views as the sun sets over Los Angeles. Grab another cocktail from the bar and stop by their snack bar for a selection of candy and even house-made ice cream to really top off evening. You’ll be given a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones (ensuring not to disturb local neighbors) once you’re ready to take your seat and the magic will unfold before your eyes!

See you at the movies!

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