Santa Monica

Thank you to everyone at Loews Santa Monica for making time on the Pacific Coast memorable!   A special thank you to Jen and Sarah for coordinating a relaxing, yet fun, itinerary where I got a great taste for beautiful Santa Monica.  I enjoyed taking the Free Ride around town, riding the roller coaster at the Pier, and watching the surfers bright & early each morning!

I’d also like to thank…

…Jackie from Hoopnotica for her patience while teaching me the basics of hooping!  I can’t wait to find a place in NYC to hone my skills.

…Mike, the VIP Manager at Loews, for ensuring I knew just where I was headed and for giving me some ideas of where to go off the beaten path.

…Chef Keith Roberts for giving me the tour of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and welcoming me to Ocean & Vine for dinner.  What a special treat that was!

I look forward to coming back to relax some more after my Road Trip is complete!



P.S.  Make your own Loews Santa Monica Virtual Postcard here.