As a longtime Top Chef fan, I was giddy to see Susan Feniger’s Street on my Los Angeles itinerary.  Susan Feniger, a popular West Coast chef as well as Top Chef Master contestant, opened Street in 2009.  Four years and five months later, I was anxious to head to Street for my first dinner in L.A. on my blog road trip.  I hopped in a cab at Loews Hollywood and gave the driver the restaurant’s North Highland address, just a short 1.5 mile ride from the hotel.

Hollywood Road Trip 030

I arrived and requested a table of one; however, a lovely couple at the bar suggested I dine there rather than at a lonely table and I happily obliged after spending the majority of the day solo.  As I joined in conversation with Joanna and Chris, I was excited to learn that they were East Coast transplants and the owners of one adorable dog.  Joanna coincidentally works at Street and was just grabbing a bite on her night off, so she offered great advice on what to order.  Diego, the personable bartender, asked me what my spirit of choice was and then blended a delicious spicy tequila cocktail.


While Diego explained the concept of the Street menu to me, Joanna and Chris placed an order for the kaya toast which was a ‘must have’.  While they waited for their starter, Joanna explained that kaya toast is a traditional Singaporean hangover cure.  Intriguing.  Tell me more.  The kaya toast arrived and they were generous to share a portion with me.  Coconut jam was too good to pass up.   Following Joanna’s instructions, I dipped the coconut jam toast sandwich into the sunny side up egg that was topped with dark soy sauce.  I had no idea what to expect before taking my first bite.  Completely irresistible.  I thanked Joanna and Chris for sharing the culinary treasure with me and started chatting with Diego to avoid completely intruding on the couple’s dinner date.

I decided to try a few more starters and than an entree, warning Diego that I wouldn’t be able to finish everything, but would love to get a taste for multiple items on the menu.  He had explained that this menu was actually a ‘Best of the Best’ of Street’s dishes over the years so I couldn’t have come at a better time.  But that only made it harder to narrow down my selections…  Diego pointed me to the chicken and waffles dish and kale salad, so I took him up on those suggestions and added the crispy shrimp starter, as well.  Why not?

The crispy shisho shrimp arrived first and Joanna gave a nod of approval.  Each shrimp was enclosed in a brittle wrapper and paired with wasabi ponzu sauce.  Even though I told myself I would just try a bite of each item so as to not completely indulge, I couldn’t help but enjoy all three crispy shrimp that were on my plate.  If they were sitting in front of you, I promise you’d do the same…

Diego was most excited about the chicken and waffle croquettes, and as soon as the small plate was put in front of me, I could understand why.  If they taste even half as good as they look, this will be an amazing bite of food.  The bacon and spicy maple sauce was divine, and I appreciated the fresh twist to the standard chicken and waffles that has become ubiquitous on brunch menus of the haunts I frequent.  So far I was batting 3 for 3 and the kale salad was up next.

The simple yet tasty kale and brussels sprouts salad was the perfect transition between the tasty starters and my main plate.  Yes, there is still one more dish!   My pace was slowing down considerably before the  Korean barbecue short ribs arrived, but the sight of the tender short ribs and scallion mashed potatoes perked up my taste buds for one more round.  After a few bites of the delicious barbecue, pear and celery salad, and potatoes, I was thankful I had saved just enough room for the last course.

After my great meal, I was so grateful that my trip to Los Angeles coincided with Street’s ‘All-Star Menu’ considering there wasn’t one dish that I wouldn’t gladly order again.  My palate welcomed the delicious renditions of global street food favorites, and I imagine that it won’t be long before I’ll be longing for the coconut jam that I first encountered on Street’s kaya toast.  Save some for my return to L.A. in October!


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P.S.  Thank you to the Street staff and Joanna and Chris for making my meal so enjoyable!