Sports Attractions

Seattle has its share of enviable sports attractions, and we’re so pleased you’re here to take in all the action. A few fun facts: the 12th Man and #12 are retired on all the teams here locally; in true Seattle color palate fashion, team colors tend to lean blue green hues, and all stadiums are within a mile of downtown – right in our surrounding area. Scroll down to find information about our favorites, proximity to Loews Hotel 1000, and more: 

Professional Football

  • An easy 0.7 miles from hotel (15 minute walk or 9 minute drive) to Lumen Field
  • Team colors are college navy, action green and wolf grey
  • Locals wear jerseys or blue on Fridays before a weekend game for Blue Friday to support the team
  • Even Seattle’s largest corporations like Starbucks and Zillow fly a 12th man flag from the top of their buildings during the season!

Professional Women’s Basketball

  • Climate Pledge Arena is 1.6 miles from hotel (~30 minutes walking or 6 minute drive)
  • As of 2020, this team has the most championships of all the teams in Seattle
  • Green, lighting yellow and thunder gray

Professional Baseball

  • Just 0.7 miles from hotel (15 minute walk or 9 minute drive) to T-Mobile Park
  • Navy blue, metallic silver, Northwest green, royal blue, yellow, cream
  • Currently just one of two teams in the league who has not achieved America’s favorite trophy, but nevertheless beloved by locals

Professional Soccer/Futbol

  • Also at T-Mobile park just 0.7 miles from hotel (15 minute walk or 9 minute drive)
  • A tradition before each game is that the team meets fans in Pioneer Square to march to the arena together
  • Six championships under their belts as of 2021, and more to come!
  • Colors are sounder blue, rave green and cascade shale

Professional Ice Hockey

  • Debut season: 2021
  • Like the Storm, venue is 1.6 miles from hotel to Climate Pledge Arena
  • Colors: Deep sea blue, ice blue, boundless blue, shadow blue, red alert
  • The city is thrilled to get a professional hockey team back – it’s been since 1974!

College Football

  • Farther out at 4 miles, but an easy drive
  • Colors: purple & gold
  • This Pac 12 team plays for bragging rights to the Apple Cup against Washington State University every year in football