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Montreal, QC

Transportation & Tours

Tours and Transportation Around Montréal

Our Montréal guide to transportation offers information that will help get you to our hotel from airport—and navigate the city. Remember, Montréal is very bike-friendly—so if you want to be your own engine, a Bixi bike rental is a great option. Like any major metropolitan area, taxis are abundant and our bellmen can hail one for you whenever you’re leaving the hotel.

Airport Transportation

By taxi, it usually takes about 20–25 minutes to get to the Trudeau International Airport. If there is traffic, it can take up to 45 minutes or sometimes even an hour. For flights within Canada, you need to be there at least 90 minutes ahead of time. For international flights (including USA) the airlines ask that you arrive three hours ahead of time. The flat rate for a taxi from the hotel to Trudeau International Airport (YUL) is $45 (gratuities not included.)


Taxis are not all yellow, so look for the lit-up taxi light on top of any ordinary looking car. And cabs can normally hold four passengers. They can be hailed in the street or found at a taxi stand throughout downtown–you take the first car at the stand, and you're not allowed to hail a cab within 60 meters (around half a block) of a stand. It is standard practice to tip a taxi driver anywhere from 10%–20%. Rest assured that nearly 100% of Montréal’s cab drivers speak both French and English. Of course, our bellmen will be happy to hail you a cab whenever you exit our hotel.

Bixi Rental Bikes

Montréal is an amazingly bike-friendly city and rental bicycles are available from May to November. There is a one-time daily access fee of $5. Then, your first half hour of usage is free. After 31 minutes, you are charged for each half hour of use. The cost increases each 30 minutes as follows: 31 to 60 minutes: + $1.50. 61 to 90 minutes: + $3, then +$6 for every additional half hour. The bikes are set up at self-serve stations throughout the city, with 400 stations. You must pay with a credit card, and you must have a different card for each person. For example, if you are a family of four, and you want to rent four bikes, you’ll need four credit cards.


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