The New All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar Serves Distinct Pacific Northwest Flavor with a Side of History

Seattle, WA - September 13, 2017

All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar opens its doors, shining a spotlight on Seattle’s distinct character and flavors.  Guests will enjoy the freshest seafood available in a welcoming atmosphere that pays homage to the rich history of its location.

The restaurant, which is located on the site of what was a tackle & bait shop in 1936, draws inspiration from the materials and tools once sold there. The new concept celebrates Seattle’s maritime industry, from the portraits of fishermen to the articulated shelves. The rustic materials draw from the simplicity of fishing boats, incorporating worn white-washed wood, metal, and white brick.

In the 1800s the all-water route would take prospectors from Seattle, across the northern Pacific to the Alaskan coast. In the gold rush era, this route created the trade on salmon and halibut industries. Today, All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar celebrates that history by offering diverse flavor profiles from different bays to showcase the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

“We are proud to partner locally with Seattle’s artisans, local growers, sustainable fisheries and oyster farms. We have taken a great amount of time to create handcrafted cocktails, our eclectic wine list, and a selection of bottled and draft beer from the area’s top craft breweries,” said Bill Munn, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage at Loews Hotel 1000. “Our ultimate goal is to offer a distinctly creative and authentically local beverage & food culture through our new restaurant.”

The menu is crafted by Executive Chef Benjamin Closson, known for his reputable career as part of the burgeoning food scene in Seattle. Given his Pacific Northwest background, he is inspired by the incredible seafood, specifically shellfish and oysters, which are a mainstay on the new All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar menu.

“We have partnered with Pacific Seafood to source directly from the fishermen themselves. We are purchasing small quantities of fish each day that will be boat to kitchen. The Pacific Northwest has the best oyster farmers in the country. We are proud to showcase the variety of selections in our oyster bar,” said Benjamin Closson.

The new menu reflects all aspects of Pike Place Market, just steps from the restaurant, with elegant and creative dishes done simply, and right.  Seasonal flavors and the freshest products are the focus.

The restaurant will be open daily from 6:30am to 10pm. For more information call (206) 357-9000 or visit