Terms & Conditions

Please read the rules and regulations of YouFirst hotel loyalty program membership.

Update: Participants in the Program have been notified as of June 6, 2018, that the Program will end on Thursday, December 6, 2018. Sign-ups for the YouFirst Program are no longer accepted as of June 4, 2018.

Loews Hotels (“Loews)” may change the YouFirst Program (the “Program”) rules, regulations, benefits or processes, and special offers at any time without notice. Specifically, among other things, Loews may change or terminate partner affiliations, requirements and rules for earning YouFirst benefits, quality of each benefit provided per stay and per year, continued availability and benefits types.

YouFirst benefits and points awards are based on completion of a qualifying stay at participating Loews-branded Hotels. A qualifying stay is one at any standard rate published by the hotel.

Qualifying Rates include: Consortia, Volume Corporate, AAA, AARP, Government, Package, Group Association, Group Corporate, Group Government, Advance Purchase, Florida Residents and Universal Pass holders.

Non-qualifying Rates include: Internet Third Party, as well as rates through any other discount program, coupon, complimentary or promotional offer. Universal's Aventura Hotel, The Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando and Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort do not qualify for YouFirst benefits.

A stay is defined as all consecutive nights at one hotel, even if the Member checks out and checks back in during those dates. The Member must reserve the room in the Member’s name and stay overnight. Stay credit for YouFirst is for individual travel only. Only one Member per room will receive credit for each stay. Requests to divide or consolidate folios after the stay will not be accepted. Membership benefits apply for the Member only and are not transferable.

Loews reserves the right to modify or limit the availability including, among other things, imposing blackout dates and limiting special offers, guaranteed availability, or upgrade benefits. Free fitness center access where fees apply. 40% off resort fee where applicable. Food & Beverage credit not valid at restaurants in Universal Studios® Theme Parks.

Loews reserves the right to terminate the entire Program with six months’ advance notice to all then-Active Members, and immediately upon notice to all then-Active Members in the case of a termination relating to the substitution of a similar replacement program. You will be considered an “Active Member” so long as you have stayed in a Loews Hotel during the previous twelve months.

Membership in YouFirst is free and available to individuals residing in countries that legally permit participation in frequent stay programs.

Fraud or abuse concerning membership privileges and benefits is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by Loews, including termination of YouFirst benefits, and revocation of membership. In addition, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to immediately discontinue membership of any individual member, if such member acts in a manner inconsistent with local, state, or federal laws or ordinance, or in a fraudulent or abusive manner; otherwise misuses the benefits of membership; or fails to pay any valid bill or account when due to any branded Loews hotel. Nothing contained in these Membership Rules shall limit Loews, or any hotel, in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.

Loews makes no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, and expressly disclaims any and all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to the Program or any goods or services provided through the Program.

Neither Loews nor our Program partners are responsible for requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the mail or via electronic mail. Loews is not responsible for, and reserves the right to correct, any pricing or typographical errors, errors of description, or errors regarding participating properties or partners.

Membership levels are as follows: Basic membership begins upon enrollment; Blue Membership requires two (2) qualifying stays; Gold Membership requires five (5) qualifying stays; Platinum Membership requires ten (10) qualifying stays.

Qualification for Membership Levels will be determined based on a rolling 12-month cycle, beginning July 15th, 2008 (the YouFirst Program Launch Date). Meaning, a Member must stay at a Loews property 2 times within any 12-month period following 7/15/08 to earn Blue status, 5 times within any 12-month period following 7/15/08 to earn Gold status, and 10 times within any 12-month period following 7/15/08 to earn Platinum status.

If a Member does not earn enough qualifying stays during the 12 months following a change in status to progress to the next level of membership or to maintain the Member’s existing level of membership, the Member will be downgraded to the next-lower level of membership on the 1-year anniversary of that change in status (12 months after earning status). For example, if a Member earns Gold status on October 1, 2008, but does not qualify for Gold status as of September 30, 2009 (has not had at least 5 qualifying stays in the most recent 12 months), that Member would be downgraded to Blue status as of October 1, 2009.

Benefits will also be provided on a rolling 12-month schedule. Per the example above, the Member would begin enjoying Gold benefits as soon as he earned Gold status on October 1, 2008 and would continue to enjoy those benefits for the following 12 months, until September 30, 2009. If, at that time, he has not had at least 5 qualifying stays in the most recent 12 months, the Member would be downgraded to Blue status and begin enjoying Blue-level benefits for the following 12 months.

In the event a member does not remain an Active Member (as defined above) that membership may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Loews.

All interpretations of these membership Rules, Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Loews.