YouFirst Program Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most up to date information about changes to the YouFirst Program. If you have additional questions and would like to speak to a customer service representative, please contact or 844-276-8802.

Q: What is changing with the YouFirst program?
A: The YouFirst program will end on Thursday, December 6, 2018. YouFirst benefits will not apply to Loews Hotels & Co reservations on or after December 7, 2018. New sign-ups for the YouFirst program will not be accepted as of June 4, 2018.

Q: How long will my YouFirst benefits be available?
A: Benefits will remain during hotel stays that occur through December 6, 2018. On December 7, 2018, and future dates, YouFirst benefits will not be available on any Loews Hotels & Co reservations, regardless of when the reservation was confirmed.

Q: Will I continue to accrue stay credit and be eligible for the next YouFirst status level between now and when the program ends?
A: Yes, the YouFirst program will continue to function under the same program rules for existing members.

Q: What will happen with reservations I have booked or will book past the YouFirst end date?
A: Stays that occur past December 6, 2018, will not receive YouFirst benefits regardless of when the reservation was booked.

Q: What will happen to my history of stays?
A: Your history of stays with Loews Hotels & Co will continue to be part of your guest profile.

Q: How do I check on my current YouFirst status?
A: Sign in to your YouFirst account on our homepage to access your member details.

Q: What happens with my YouFirst log-in for
A: Your YouFirst log-in will remain available until further notice.

Q: Do I need to take any action prior to the YouFirst program end date?
A: Loews will update you prior to December 6, 2018, via your YouFirst member email address, if there is any further action required on your part.