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Pets are people, too

What’s fun about traveling without your pet? We say absolutely nothing. So that’s why our properties welcome your four-legged family members. We call it our Loews Loves Pets program; you’ll call it a travel essential.

Upon check-in, every dog or cat receives welcome gifts including a name tag, bowl, and special treats. A “pet in room” sign helps you relax and lets our housekeeping staff know that your furry one is in residence. To help lighten your travel load, we can loan you pet beds, litter boxes, litter, scoopers, scratching posts, and other pet accessories. At mealtime, don’t miss our gourmet room service pet menus developed by our in-house chefs in conjunction with a licensed veterinarian.

We also provide dog-walking routes, pet-sitting or pet-walking services, as well as a list of local pet-friendly restaurants. Please don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable staff for these amenities or for more information.

As a friendly reminder, we must limit guests to two (2) pets per room. And for everyone’s safety, we require proof of up-to-date vaccinations.