Meet More Rewards

There's strength in numbers when you book at Loews Hollywood Hotel.

There's strength in numbers when you book at Loews Hollywood Hotel. Earn up to 5% off your master bill when you book 2 or more contracts before December 31, 2024, to be consumed by December 31, 2027. Refer below for applicable terms and conditions.**

Total Group Net Revenue of:

2% net guest room master credit for each group
3% net guest room master credit for each group
4% net guest room master credit for each group
5% net guest room master credit for each group

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Loews Hollywood Sales Team

Terms & Conditions

Must sign 2 or more contracts within 60 days of the first contract signing. Meet More Rewards special offer must be disclosed in the first contract in order to be eligible for the promotion and will start the 60-day timeframe for other eligible business opportunities. Each business opportunity engaging in the Meet More Rewards offer must have a signed contract and must disclose the participation of the offer in the contract. Offer must be booked by December 31, 2024 and consumed by December 31, 2027 and is not eligible to combine with any other promotional opportunity. 
Offer valid for multiple Loews Hotels with individual signed contracts within 60 days of the first signed contract. Offer valid for multiple contracts at a single Loews Hotels property. For multi-program opportunities, eligibility requires commitment of multi-program in single contract. Offer must be disclosed in contracted concession. 60-day time frame starts with the signing of the first contract. 
Meet More Rewards is for new future business opportunities only and cannot be applied to business opportunities previously contracted or in negotiations. 
Offer is eligible for third-party use but requires the same end user to sign each contract. Offer cannot be claimed by the same third party but multiple end user clients. 
Offer is based upon availability and does not apply to citywide opportunities. Offer also does not apply to conventions or groups already in negotiations or contracted at a Loews Hotel or in conjunction with any other promotional offer or discount. Offer is not available for repeat groups and must be disclosed prior to proposal receipt to ensure eligibility. 
Percent off master bill is based on contracted total net group room revenue for each individual group. It is not a cumulative revenue for all signed contracts. Earned percentage off the master bill will be applied to the final folio based upon net consumed, eligible revenue. If a future program is cancelled as part of a multi-contract commitment any associated future contracts will lose eligibility for the percentage off master. In order to receive the percentage off master, group must meet or exceed the defined and agreed to revenue commitment in executed contracts. All other associated spend by the contracted group and/or meeting will not qualify for the percentage discount off the master account folio. Eligible revenue is net room revenue less taxes, staff, rebates, commissions or other discounted guest rooms. 
Special concessions negotiated through preferred property contracts and/or brand-wide MSAs with Loews Hotels & Co will be at the discretion of the individual properties. Some exclusions may apply, please contact the hotel directly for details. Excludes Loews Universal Orlando Resorts.

*Repeat business, defined as a group that has met at a hotel in the last 12 months, is not eligible to receive% off master for most recent property, however is eligible for new business opportunities into Loews Hotels & Co portfolio. 
**For bookings into Loews Hotels & Co new, but not yet open and operating hotels the group offer will be based upon availability, opening dates and the discretion of the property.