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Loews Hotels Launches New Brand Position: “Welcoming You Like Family”

Messaging is rooted in a commitment to the care and comfort of guests, drawing on Loews’ dedication to intuitive service, authenticity and familial hospitality

NEW YORK (July 21, 2020) – Today, Loews Hotels draws on its core differentiator to affirm its position as one of the nation’s leading hotel brands with “Welcoming You Like Family,” a fresh brand position which defines Loews as more than simply a collection of hotels, but a brand deeply rooted in welcoming and caring for guests like family.

“In 2019 we began the process to identify a much-needed opportunity to define a new brand message that captured what makes Loews Hotels different,” said Jonathan Tisch, Chairman & CEO, Loews Hotels & Co. “Welcoming you like family clearly defines the brand and what our hotels do best, which is care for guests just like we care for our own family. While deeply ingrained in our DNA, this message resonates now more than ever through providing guests with confidence and peace of mind when staying with Loews.”

“Welcoming You Like Family” captures the powerful feeling of familiarity and comfort, which characterizes the Loews guest experience and is a philosophy that guides service and operations and unites the 26 Loews hotels and resorts across North America. For a Loews guest, this means experiencing intuitive service that meets their individual needs with a certain level of informality, just like family. And, for a Loews team member, it means delivering personalized service and being empowered to go above and beyond to ensure each guest leaves feeling part of the Loews family, whether it is their first stay or their tenth.

Now, more than ever, as travel resumes, travelers want to feel safe, protected and cared for, just as they would at home, or when visiting family. ’Welcoming You Like Family’ confirms Loews commitment to ensuring every guest feels just that way when staying at a Loews.

“There couldn’t be a better time to stand behind what makes Loews distinctive in the industry, and we understand that currently the future of travel is contingent on how brands make guests feel,” said Sarah Murov, Vice President, Communications & Brand, Loews Hotels & Co. “While important, guest comfort needs to go beyond communicating cleaning protocols and statistics. Brands need to find a way to connect with their guests and ensure that the human element to travel remains, even in our currently physically distanced world. Through ‘Welcoming You Like Family’ we aim to do just that.”

Loews is further defining its positioning through a revision of messaging across the brand website, digital advertising, within the hotel guest experience and via earned media channels, as well as through a refreshed visual identity.  Additionally “Welcoming You Like Family” will become the name of the company’s new and enhanced protocols and standards. On property the new positioning is further reflected as part of the “new normal” with thoughtful signage and touchpoints throughout hotels which guide guests safely, and comfortably, throughout their stay. For example, Chat Your Service is a hotel-wide texting service that makes it easy for guests to request whatever they might need during their stay. Whether a guest needs a restaurant reservation, the AC turned up, or extra hangers, they can be in touch with a team member immediately via text.

For reservations or more information about Loews Hotels, call 1-800-23 LOEWS or visit