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Starting From Scratch
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Starting From Scratch

Culinary trends, cooking styles and palates routinely change with the times. However, those changes have been even more pronounced of late as hospitality industry continues to be hit hard by the pandemic in everything from supply chain challenges to price increases.

Those issues, and others, are at the fore as resort/hotel chefs and F&B managers look ahead to 2022 and beyond.

“As we navigate living through a global pandemic, we as chefs have had to rethink how we cook, how we eat and how we create our offerings moving forward,” said Charly Houegban, executive chef at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville. “This is an exciting time, and at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, it’s an opportunity to introduce new food trends to our guests and within the market.

“We are seeing a focus on healthy eating more and more. This means balancing menus that feature the classic Southern staples for which our destination is known, with balanced and sustainable cuisine. This year there will be a much higher demand for cuisine with a wellness twist and ones that combine global flavors on a plate.”

Sebastian Ratti, executive sous chef at Loews Miami Beach, also is a proponent in the plant-based trend.

“More people are looking for different meat replacement options,” said Ratti. “They want healthy options, but ones that taste out of this world and mushrooms are answering the call. We will see more plates that include different types of mushrooms.

“Another trend that we are seeing more of is teaming up with food and beverage brands to create memorable experiences and also focus on local and small business support. Here at the hotel, we strive to highlight local artisans and shine a light on these purveyors via our Flavor Miami program and unique collaborations for our guests.

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