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Read This Before You Make Winter Break Travel Plans
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Read This Before You Make Winter Break Travel Plans

Our family vacay in the Sunshine State was safe and fun.

Prior to taking our first vacation since the start of the COVID pandemic, I was very concerned about what traveling with our so far unvaccinated twins would look like. Would they be able to keep their masks on for the short flight to Florida? Would the airport and hotels be filled with anxiety and tension? And once we got there, would people be taking safety precautions seriously?

We arrived in Miami on a hot August morning and amazingly, the flight was easy and for the most part, stress-free. We checked into the Loews Miami Beach Hotel and once we stepped out on our balcony and saw the ocean view, we knew we had made the right decision in returning to travel.

A Close Up Of A Garden A Person Riding A Surf Board On A Body Of Water

The pool at Loews (which my son declared was “10/10!”) could have easily occupied the twins for the entire week’s vacation. That plus the fact that they had their own bedroom (adjoining ours) and a tray of milk and cookies delivered to the room set the tone for fun.

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