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Toronto Life: A look inside Bisha Hotel’s opulent Bisha Suite

Toronto Life: A look inside Bisha Hotel’s opulent Bisha Suite

What: Bisha Hotel
Where: King and Blue Jays Way
Opened in: November 2017
Price: $2,500 per night for the 2,025-square-foot Bisha Suite
Operator: Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels attends to the hospitality at Bisha, but nightlife king Charles Khabouth’s company, Iconink, manages the hotel’s two restaurants as well as its bar and café—and the entire property bears his unmistakably opulent stamp. (Studio Munge, his frequent collaborator, designed the public spaces and most of the guest rooms.)

A double set of enormous black doors leads into a windowless reception area that’s almost like a wraparound vanity. Between the gold-etched reception desk, the marble floors and the Jeff Koons sculpture of a balloon animal in the corner, just about everything save the black velvet walls has a reflective surface.


The 14-room VIP floor by Kravitz Design (fronted by rock star–turned–designer Lenny Kravitz) bucks the dark colour scheme in favour of a 1970s palette of burnt orange, ochre and aubergine. The most impressive quarters in this part of the hotel are in the two-storey Bisha Suite.

The walls in the room are black with marble wainscoting. Against that backdrop, bronze features—including a cubist 32-bulb chandelier—seem to shimmer. An embarrassment of overstuffed pillows gives the space a boudoir sensuality. Upstairs, a buttery-soft king bed is flanked by an L-shaped couch, suggesting that the party doesn’t have to end at the bedroom door.

In the upstairs bedroom, black oak sliding doors hide a marble-decked master bathroom.

The in-suite bar is stocked with vintage glassware and bottles of Maestro Dobel tequila.

The wall feature behind the bed is made from gold-painted Japanese ceramic tiles.

The Minibar

Bisha’s minibars have one of the best selections of hotel-room snacks in town. (At a serious markup, of course.) Here are a few highlights

Black truffle OoLaLa chips: $5 | Dark chocolate sea salt caramel bars from CXBO: $11 | Prosecco-flavoured Squish gummy bears: $9 | A half-sized bottle of Hennessy: $90 | iPhone charger cable: $25 | Harry’s Shave Set: $28 | Cashews: $13 | Travel power adaptor: $25 | “Passion Kit,” with condoms, lube, breath mints, massage oils and sexy scratch-off games: $20