Flavor by Loews Kansas City Hotel

Eating Like a Local Made Easy.

Get to know the hidden layers of the Kansas City food scene -- right here during your stay -- with our curated culinary experience, Flavor by Loews Hotels.

Kansas City is not just home to barbecue. The culinary team has sourced and partnered with some of the city’s signature offerings straight to our doors with Flavor by Loews Hotels. We’ve partnered with the best hyper-local culinary and beverage artisans so you can savor the city, bite after bite, sip after sip.

Our Partners

Parisi Artisan Coffee

Parisi Coffee is inspired by rich, Italian-style coffee brewed in a well-loved Moka pot. Enjoy Parisi Artisan Coffee products in Red Wheat Baking Co. Parisi Coffee operates a handful of family cafes throughout Kansas City.

Andres Confiserie Suisse

Master Konditor-Confiseur André Bollier dreamed of opening his own chocolate shop. Now the business is run by his grandson, Pastry Chef and Chocolatier René Bollier, who apprenticed under his grandfather and father and trained in Switzerland. Today, René and his wife Nancy continue to uphold the Bollier family tradition and have fully immersed themselves in the art of Swiss techniques and classic recipes. While honoring tradition, they are known for bringing their personal passion, ingenuity, and pride to create distinctive chocolate experiences for the community that has made André’s a Kansas City treasure for 65 years and counting. Guests can enjoy a selection of chocolates and desserts in Red Wheat Baking Co. and The Stilwell.

Ibis Bakery

Chris and Kate Matsch, the founders of Ibis, stumbled upon beautiful, crusty sourdough bread in San Francisco while they were on a very restrictive diet to help them feel better. Already interested in food systems, they began to develop a passion for a repaired and transparent chain, starting with how and where food is grown and finishing with the eater. With backgrounds in business and teaching, in 2013 Chris began baking bread and Kate began helping customers understand the difference between “real bread” and what they were used to finding at the grocery store. Ibis started selling loaves of bread at the farmer's market and then opened our commercial bakery in Lenexa to the public in 2014. Enjoy fresh baked breads from Ibis Bakery daily at The Stillwell.

Tom’s Town Distillery

Tom’s Town Distilling Co. was named after the country’s most corrupt political boss, Tom Pendergast. Pendergast, who started as a saloon keeper and the founder of a wholesale liquor company.

Under Tom, Kansas City ignored Prohibition and emerged as the “Paris of the Plains.” Money, jazz, and spirits flowed in the open. When asked how he justified ignoring Prohibition, Pendergast quipped, “The people are thirsty.” Today the people are still thirsty. Tom’s Town satisfies that thirst by producing premium craft spirits. Guests can enjoy Tom’s Town at Bar Stilwell, The Stilwell, and a selection of retail items at Red Wheat Baking Co.

J. Rieger & Co.

Jacob Rieger & Company was founded in 1887 in Kansas City’s West Bottoms Livestock Exchange district. The brand offered over 100 alcoholic products and took pride in maintaining a quarter of a million unique customers by offering mail-order delivery services. In 1919, Prohibition was enacted by the federal government and wasn’t reversed until 1933. J. Rieger & Co. was a casualty at the time but was not destined to be lost forever. Now, a century after Prohibition, J. Reiger & Co. is proud once again to call Kansas City home. Guests can enjoy J. Reiger & Co at Bar Stilwell, The Stilwell, Horsefeather Social, and retail items are available for purchase at Red Wheat Baking Co.

Boulevard Brewing Company

Boulevard Brewing Company is a brewery located in Kansas City, Missouri. The Brewers Association currently ranks the American arm of Boulevard's parent company, Duvel Moortgat USA, as the 12th largest craft brewery, and the 18th largest active brewery in the United States based on 2014 sales volume. Guests can enjoy Boulevard Brewing Company drinks at Horsefeather Social and Bar Stilwell.

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef

Creekstone Farms are committed to producing consistently superior, premium beef and pork that provide bold taste experiences you simply won’t find anywhere else. The iconic KC Strip will be featured in The Stilwell Restaurant alongside a rotation of other premium cuts.