Flavor by Loews Philadelphia Hotel

Eating Like a Local Made Easy.

Taste the real flavor of Philly -- the ones locals love -- with our curated culinary experience, Flavor by Loews Hotels.

Flavor by Loews Philadelphia Hotel drenches you in the city’s culture through its food and drink – right here at Loews. We’ve partnered with the best local artisan food and beverage makers to bring the local food scene right to you. That’s our way of letting the true Philadelphia flavor reveal itself to you, bite by bite, and sip by sip. What’s best? You can have a taste of Philly’s local flavor without ever taking a step off property.

Our Partners

La Colombe

La Colombe - Loews Philadelphia Hotel

We know you like to keep your coffee game strong. Enter La Colombe, Philadelphia’s go-to roaster that borrows from ancient and modern traditions from around the world. They’re also the inventors of the first cold latte in a can. Get your caffeine fix right here at POD Market and Bank & Bourbon.

Metropolitan Bakery

Metropolitan Bakery - Loews Philadelphia Hotel

The end-all-be-all for old-world baking in Philadelphia. Metropolitan’s temptations include handmade pastries, snacks, and granola. But the real icons are the sourdough bread at Bank & Bourbon and the chocolate croissants served daily at POD Market.

Conshohocken Brewing Co.

Conshohocken Brewing Co. - Loews Philadelphia Hotel

Conshohocken Brewing Co. is dedicated to brewing small-batch hand-crafted beer. Their Puddler’s Row English-style beer is aged in rye barrels and is the perfect end to any day. 

Stoll & Wolfe Distillery

Stoll & Wolfe Distillery - Loews Philadelphia Hotel

Stoll & Wolfe Distillery is proudly Pennsylvanian and can trace its history back to 1753. Enjoy their Rye Whiskey in our minibar and more of their spirits at Bank and Bourbon.