Sea Spa Fitness Classes

Daily meditation is available to guests as part of the hotel's resort amenity program. Additional fitness classes are $30 per class and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Maximum of 15 guests per class. For more information, contact the Sea Spa at 305-200-1301 or via email at

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Sea Spa Fitness Class Descriptions

Meditation: Join us for a 30-minute relaxing and refocusing meditation to ease into the day with relief from stress and a positive mindset. Offered per gratis to hotel guests and members.

Wake Up Yoga: Meet us on the beach or terrace (weather-dependent), overlooking South Beach’s aqua waters while engaging your body in mindful yoga movement to approach your day feeling relaxed and accomplished.

Yoga: Enjoy a complete mind and body connection as you flow through yoga poses, salutations, and asanas for a workout that leaves your spirit relaxed, and body energized.

Pilates: Structured in line with the original founder’s Joseph Pilates mission to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the ballet dancer, Pilates utilizes the same stretches and toning techniques to achieve a long lean, flexible, and strong body.

Restorative Yoga: Relax at the end of your day with this passive yet productive and powerful practice while holding asanas a bit longer to restore your tired body and mind to ease into your restful evening.

Barre: Using the ballet barre, this class integrates low-impact, high-intensity exercises made to sculpt the entire body, borrowing from the strengthening and conditioning of a dancer’s workout.

Belly Cardio: This is an upbeat and fun belly dance class for those who want to get their cardiovascular exercise while using simple combinations of belly dance moves to a variety of traditional and modern world rhythms without the dangerous weight bearing of traditional workouts. If you love Zumba, this belly dance fusion is a great class to get your fitness on! All levels are welcome.

Belly Flow: Whether you are a fan of belly dancing or always wanted to try it, you are welcome to experience a class flowing from one move into the other helping you to release tension in your muscles and strengthen your core while safely keeping joints safe and activated. Release your hips and tension all while having fun during this beautiful workout.

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