Art Basel in South Beach

Experience the Loews Miami Beach Hotel Art Collective 2021

Art and design fuse with movement, music, and libations at this year’s Loews Miami Beach Hotel Art Collective. The renowned South Beach resort, home to an expansive collection of curated art, brings together celebrated artists, including Artist in Residence Annika Rhea, for a series of unique events that capture the spirit of Art Basel and Miami Beach.

Signature Events

Loews Miami Beach Hotel exterior

Loews Miami Beach Hotel Team Member Art Showcase

Wed., Dec. 1
5pm - 7pm
Bar Collins

The hotel’s very own “Artists in Residence” showcase their work across a variety of mediums. From photography to painting and more, Loews Miami Beach Hotel proudly presents talented team members and their unique works. Enjoy creative ice cream scoops at Bar Collins, courtesy of Salt & Straw.

A Store Front At Day

Meet the Artist: Derek Gores

Thur., Dec. 5
10am - 11:30am
Front Lobby, by Splash

Meet and greet artist Derek Gores in front of one of his floor-to-ceiling collages that adorn the Loews Miami lobby. Join Derek as he talks art and the inspiration behind his hypnotic collage work. Derek’s work will be available for sale and to sign. Visit Derek at booth C05 at the SCOPE Pavillion.

Art Basel Annika Rhea Artist in Residence | Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Artist in Residence Annika Rhea presents BODY MEDIUM

Fri., Dec. 2 & Sat., Dec. 3
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Performance will begin at 6pm
Main Lobby, in front of the Concierge and Bar Collins

Friday performance will be accompanied by Joshua Ryan, Pianist
Saturday performance will be accompanied by Mehmet Aydin, Electric Viola Player

Join us for BODY MEDIUM, an immersive action painting experience by Annika Rhea. Annika created BODY MEDIUM as a way to capture the energy emitted during performance and imprint it on canvas to live beyond the moment of creation. Her paintings map energy, they map movement and they are the imprint of a happening. Each one is unique and cannot be recreated. Moving authentically in the moment and using the energy of accompanying music, Annika will use her body to paint an original work live for guests to enjoy.
Rhea will be presenting work this year at SCOPE Art Show, represented by John Haas of Haas Art Advisory, Booth F-17.

Annika Bio

Annika Rhea is an immersive action painter and movement artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the creator of BODY MEDIUM, a painting technique that utilizes the body in motion as a painting tool. Her work merges the worlds of visual art, performance art, and film. Ms. Rhea is a process-oriented artist inspired by the relationship between motion, color, rhythm, and emotion. Rhea's work ranges from painting the embodiment of a concept or emotional state to painting her interpretation of a musical score.

Art Basel Exhale | Loews Miami Beach Hotel

"The Art of Abs" Yoga Sculpt Class

Sat., Dec. 4
10am - 1:30pm
Americana Lawn

Your body is a work of art and we’re here to help you sculpt it to perfection. This Art Basel, join Exhale Spa for a pumped-up yoga practice using wrist or ankle weights to tone all major muscle groups as you stretch and lengthen them. You will boost metabolism and build lean muscle as you stretch, sweat, and sculpt to energizing music.
Bring your wrist and ankle weights or purchase Bala Bangles at the event. Please visit the spa welcome desk to sign up.


Rudolfo Shanchez Scultpture | Art Basel | Loews Miami Beach Hotel


Artist: Rodolfo Sanchez
Palm Court
November 30-December 5

Sculpture Info:
Painted stainless steel
84.5 × 88.5 × 88.5 in
215 × 225 × 225 cm
Edition of 3 plus 1 AP

Rodolfo Sanchez's sculptures are the product of Colombia's art transition to a modern esthetic. In his elegant use of negative space, Sanchez makes the absence of geometric form one of the strengths of his oeuvre by allowing the spectator a more intimate interaction. Rodolfo's Sanchez sculptures have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums worldwide, including Colombia, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Lebanon, and the United States.
For this and other works by Rodolfo, visit Roman Fine Art at Scope Art Fair Miami - Booth A05.
For all inquiries please contact roman Fine Art at or (917)797-8931.

Maryjane Claverol Turbans | Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Maryjane Claverol Turbans Pop Up Shop

Fri., Dec. 3 & Sat., Dec. 4
10am - 4pm

Shop at this exclusive, limited-time pop-up shop, featuring fashion and industrial designer Maryjane Claverol. Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Maryjane’s work focuses on the creation of seasonal jewelry drops, headwear, and eyewear in Miami. All her designs are meticulously handmade.


Salt & Straw
Wed., Dec. 1 | 5pm - 7pm
Bar Collins

Chandon Garden Spritz Check-In Experience
Wed., Dec. 1 & Thur., Dec. 2 | 3pm - 6pm
Lobby @ Check-In

Sip Smith Gin Activation
Thur., Dec. 2 | 7pm - 9pm | Bar Collins
Fri., Dec. 3 | 7pm - 9pm | Lure Fishbar

Volcan Artisan Tequila Sensory Experience
Fri., Dec. 3 | 7pm - 9pm | Bar Collins

Belvedere Organics Activation
Sat., Dec. 4 | 7pm - 9pm | Lure Fishbar

SCOPE Art Show

SCOPE Tent | Art Basel | Loews Miami Beach Hotel

The 20th edition of SCOPE Miami Beach returns to Ocean Drive and 8th Street in its bespoke pavilion on the sand. Featuring 134 exhibitors, SCOPE welcomes visitors to experience diverse contemporary art over the course of 6 days.
Scope Miami Beach Pavilion
801 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL