Tennis & Pickleball

Day or night, invigorate your game on one of our three lighted tennis courts and two lighted pickleball courts, surrounded by an inspiring mountain desert scape. Maybe you’d like to challenge yourself with classes? Or hone your backhand with a friend? Whatever your goal, our staff is available to teach, advise, and also provide rental equipment to our members and resort guests. Don’t forget to look up--there’s no better motivation than the majestic mountains surrounding you.

Program Descriptions

Drop-in Tennis

Drills, Tournaments, Critiquing, Form Building
Dependent on participation.

To book private lessons, please call Lakeside Spa and Fitness at 520-529-7830.

Tucson Tennis Lesson Rates

Private Lesson $100 per hour
Group Lessons

$110 per hour / 2 players
$120 per hour / 3 players
$130 per hour / 4-8 players