Lakeside Spa Services


Swedish Massage

A light to moderate pressure, full body massage, designed to relieve tension and improve circulation.

50 minutes | $175
80 minutes | $250

Therapeutic Massage

A restorative massage using moderate to deep pressure to aid in the release of chronic muscle tension and pain.

50 minutes | $175
80 minutes | $250

Sports Massage

An athlete-focused treatment using techniques that target the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

50 minutes | $175
80 minutes | $250

Prenatal Massage

A nurturing massage designed for 2nd or 3rd trimester mothers-to-be, using special positioning and light to moderate pressure.

50 minutes | $175
80 minutes | $250


This ancient treatment promotes healing by applying pressure on specific points in the feet to affect corresponding areas throughout the body.

50 minutes | $175
80 minutes | $250

Couples Massage

Spend quality time with that special someone in your life. Choose a massage and enjoy your time together.

50 minutes | $350
80 minutes | $500


Signature Facial

Using superior organic products made by Eminence, a customized treatment for all skin types is chosen to cleanse, exfoliate and restore pH balance. Includes steam, extractions, hand and foot massage, and mask.

50 minutes | $175

Age Corrective Facial

Combat free radicals responsible for premature aging using upgraded hydration and collagen-producing peptides. Includes steam, extractions, hand and foot massage, and mask.

50 minutes | $195

Body Treatments

Red Clay Sacred Ritual

Our signature desert ritual will revitalize the mind and body with scents of the Southwest. Your treatment begins with an invigorating desert salt body polish that softens and cleanses the skin. Warm red clay from Sedona is smoothed on and you are wrapped in a cocoon to encourage remineralization. Purifying smoke of white sage wafts throughout the room as you drift and relax. Desert Dew facial serum, including eleven plant extracts, is massaged into the face and neck. The treatment concludes with a full body application of cedar wood citrus lotion, leaving your skin hydrated and your mind refreshed.

90 minutes | $210

Desert Herbal Cocoon Wrap

This tension-relieving heat treatment begins with dry body brushing, an Ayurvedic technique designed to encourage lymph movement and improve circulation. Your skin is massaged with a healing sage and mountain arnica oil to sooth joint and muscle pain. Finally, your body is wrapped in hot linens steeped in herbal infusions to create a detoxifying cocoon. Relax with face, neck, and scalp massage as stress and tension melt away.

50 minutes | $195

Aloe Vera and Blue Corn Healer

Blue corn, an important crop of the Native American peoples of the Southwest, is blended with desert salt, aloe vera, and jojoba oil and used to exfoliate the skin. A moisturizing lotion rich in plant extracts to combat environmental damage and stress is applied and you are enveloped in a warming wrap. The treatment concludes with a relaxing face neck and scalp massage to soothe the mind and body.

50 minutes | $175

Sonoran Desert Rehydration

Native prickly pear extracts and the fruity scents of citrus and wild tansy are combined in this mood-lifting treatment that gently nourishes dry and sensitive skin. Start with a hydrating sugar and jojoba oil scrub infused with anti-inflammatory prickly pear. A deeply moisturizing formulation of shea butter, jojoba, avocado, and grapeseed oils is applied and you are wrapped to encourage absorption. The treatment concludes with a relaxing face, neck, and scalp massage leaving you feeling re-energized from head to toe.

50 minutes | $175

Heart full Body Glaze

Nourish the 4th chakra, your heart, with this luxurious skin polish and warm wrap. Skin is cleansed with gentle cane sugar and jojoba bead scrub infused with the essential oils of rose, geranium, and sandalwood. A nourishing and anti-inflammatory rose and geranium lotion is smoothed on, then you are wrapped in layers, while your face, neck, and scalp are massaged. Your skin is left feeling supple and rejuvenated, and your heart full.

50 minutes | $175


Lakeside Escape

Renew with a 50-minute massage to energize your muscles and stimulate circulation, followed by a 50-minute Signature Facial to deliver soothing moisture and protective nutrients to the skin.


Spa Day

Book any treatment and enjoy full use of the Spa and amenities.


Loews Signature Manicure

50 minutes | $60

Loews Signature Pedicure

50 minutes | $75

Spa Manicure

50 minutes | $70

Spa Pedicure

50 minutes | $85

Polish Change (regular polish; NO shellac)

30 minutes | $30

Inquire about Gel, Dip, or Acrylic