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The Art of Togetherness
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The Art of Togetherness

For decades, Loews Hotels have been known as some of the most family-friendly destinations across North America — and we were one of the first hospitality companies to launch a brand-wide program to cater to the specific needs of kids, moms and dads.

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While that commitment hasn't changed, the world of travel has changed, as has most people's expectations of what makes a place family-friendly. (Hint: it's not always just about the place but the people you meet there.) This is why Loews has doubled down on its promise of being the most family-friendly hotel brand, and is celebrating the art of togetherness at each of its hotels across the country.

What does this mean exactly? It's not necessarily a change in the amenities and services families will experience at our hotels — as always, our teams will welcome families of all sizes and provide them with everything they need for a comfortable stay full of good times. For us, the art of togetherness is more of an attitude. One our guests can experience in the following ways:

Enjoying Common Interests

Yes, there are times for kids-only activities, and teen-specific programs, too. But we also know that there are plenty of things families like to do together. So our hotels are making sure that programming on-property doesn't always mean breaking away to do your own thing, but offering events and activities that appeal to everyone's interests, no matter their age. At Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, for example, the family can take a stroll along our Window Walk Nature Trail, learn about local flora and fauna, and take advantage of some awesome family photo opportunities along the way.

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Strengthening the Family Bond

Just getting away together on vacation is a great way to bolster your family's bond. But sometimes the preparation that got you to your destination can take a toll on everyone's moods and ease of communication. We know it took a lot for you to get here, so we'll do whatever we can to create easy moments of togetherness, giving you and your family the space to relax and enjoy each other's company. That extends to creating those special memories you take vacations for — family dinners, shared outings and sightseeing and one-of-a-kind experiences unique to your destination. At Loews Miami Beach Hotel, there is even a Family Happy Hour, where parents can enjoy drink specials at the poolside Nautilus bar while kids play free lawn games hosted by SoBe Kids Club and cool off with mocktails.

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Our Family Welcomes Yours

The family-friendly ethos at Loews Hotels is about more than just our guests; we consider our team members family, too. The bond we share and the pride we have in each other and in our hotels should be evident in the warmth you feel when you step into one of our lobbies and take a load off as we get you settled. Likewise, whether you're by the pool, at the restaurant, or just strolling down a hallway, our team members are there to help you out, recommend some great things to do during your stay, or simply offer a warm smile and a "have a great day."

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Comfort Every Step of the Way

Being on a family vacation is about being free from the demands of home and work life. So you can count on us to provide the little things that make that comfortable, easy feeling possible. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach, but tailored to what you need, whether it be providing play mats for babies, offering baby puree in-room dining options or coordinating family happy hours.

Unlocking the Kids' Imaginations

Vacations are about new experiences as much as relaxation, and what kid doesn't want a bunch of exciting stories to share when they get home? We're all about encouraging play and stoking the imagination — in kids of all ages, including moms and dads. You'll see this in action in things like an in-room fort building package, backstage access for kids to get their hotel ‘wings’ or a wishing tree for kids to leave their favorite stay memory. Loews Chicago Hotel even offers a Chicago Discovery Family Package that involves a scavenger hunt and cute "discovery kit" with everything kids need for their day as urban explorers.

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Exploring Far & Wide

You're never too young to start expanding your horizons. And while that means different things for kids of different ages, we're here to help you find the pure joy of discovering something new. It starts with exploring our local neighborhoods, tasting local food and immersing yourself in the distinct local culture of the destination you find yourself in. At Loews Coronado Bay Resort, we help encourage kids' curiosity with a specially designed Scavenger Hunt on-property — and also offer the Crown Cove Adventure Camp, which lets kids explore the beach and try water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding in a safe, supervised environment.