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Dive into Summerfest by Loews Hotels
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Dive into Summerfest by Loews Hotels

Your Gateway to Unforgettable Experiences

Summer is here and Loews Hotels & Co is excited to unveil the third edition of our highly-anticipated Summerfest program. This year, we're offering a deeper dive into the destinations you love, with exclusive partnerships, refreshing experiences, and a celebration of the local communities that make each Loews location unique.

Culture: Loews Hotels x Read with Jenna Summer(fest) Reading List

Pack your bags for a literary adventure. We're celebrating the love of travel and reading with Jenna Bush Hager's beloved book club, TODAY's Read with Jenna, to curate a special Summer(fest) Reading List designed to complement your travels. Explore a diverse selection of genres, all handpicked by Jenna herself.

Purchase your chosen books through Shop TODAY before your stay, or enjoy ebooks and audiobooks for seamless reading during your visit. The curated kids' reading list will keep everyone in the family entertained, while Jenna's favorite summer travel picks will spark your wanderlust and inspire your next adventure.

Community: Experience Local by Loews Hotels

Get ready to truly immerse yourself in the heart and soul of your destination with our brand new Local by Loews Hotels program. We've partnered with local businesses, artisans and makers to bring you authentic experiences that showcase the unique culture of each Loews location.

Craft: Free Spirited by Loews Hotels

Free Spirited by Loews Hotels

Our commitment to delicious, locally sourced libations continues with Free Spirited by Loews Hotels. This summer, our talented beverage team has crafted a refreshing twist on our popular craft low and no-alcoholic beverages. Expect meticulous attention to detail and seasonal ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds.

 Dive into Summerfest by Loews Hotels and create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.