New York City

Staying in the city for 4th of July is always a treat.  For the most part, the residential neighborhoods empty out and you can almost hear the city let out a sigh as the summer holiday rolls around.  It’s time to relax and celebrate.  

Our neighbors have a great tradition of picnicking in Central Park on the 4th.  They always find a shady spot to hunker down adjacent to the Great Lawn, and over the course of a few hours, our plot expands and evolves as friends and friends-of-friends join in the afternoon fun.   Our picnic tribe is surrounded by others with the exact same intentions and, fortunately, most everyone is in a good mood, so a rogue soccer ball or errant frisbee is not an issue.

What I love about this tradition is I imagine it isn’t much different from what people are doing in any other big city or small town across the  country — enjoying the great outdoors surrounded by family and friends.  So whether you spend the day playing catch or catching up with neighbors, take a deep breath and soak up summer’s attitude.  Freedom.