Molly Ford is Hard Rock.  Molly embodies the Hard Rock brand and its “Love All – Serve All” motto with her style, attitude, and passion for her job.  Did we mention that she may have one of the coolest jobs on at the planet?  Molly is our Vibe Manager at Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando.

HRH exterior

What in the world is a Vibe Manager?  It is a pretty critical role to capturing the spirit that lives at the Hard Rock Hotel considering Molly selects and programs all of the music that’s heard throughout the resort – including the state-of-the-art underwater sound system at the Beach Pool.  She works from a pretty incredible music catalog that consists of more than one million songs, and if you’ve ever visited or stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel you know it’s all about the music.  Molly’s pretty collaborative when it comes to her playlist — she is known to walk around the hotel soliciting music requests from guests, so on your upcoming stay keep an eye out for Molly and make sure you know your go-to jam request.


On top of the music selection, volume, overall atmosphere, and lighting, Molly is involved with our live music and entertainment such as Velvet Sessions (the hotel lobby transitions into a concert venue in just 24 hours), Velvet Unplugged (stripped down, more intimate concert series), and Wine Riffs (event pairing food, wine, and music together for the ultimate dining experience).


I had the chance to sit down with Molly recently and ask her about the hotel, the Hard Rock brand, and music.  Here’s Molly’s take:

Q: What do you think is the coolest thing about your job?

A: Quite simply, the coolest thing about my job is that I get to submerge myself in music daily…and get paid for it.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about music?

A: My favorite thing about music is that even when I feel like I have no words, there is some song out there that I can listen to that says exactly what I want to say, but usually 100 times better than I could have said it.  Music and art can drive emotion like nothing else.  I love the quote by Napoleon Bonaparte “Music is the voice that tells us that the human race is greater than it knows.” 

Q: What do you think is so powerful about the Hard Rock brand? 

A: People from all walks of life, all religions, races, genders can relate to music — there aren’t many things in this world that can do that.  Also, I think the Hard Rock brand lives by their mottos and people see that and appreciate it.  “Love All – Serve All”, “Save the Planet”, “Take time to be kind”, and “All is one” – we don’t just write these on the wall, we practice them in our everyday lives.

Q: Your favorite song lyrics are ________.  

A: My Favorite song lyrics are from “Kathy’s Song” (the next to last and last verse) by Simon and Garfunkel – “And so you see I have come to doubt, all that I once held as true, I stand alone without beliefs, the only truth I know is you.  And as I watch the drops of rain, weave their weary paths and die, I know that I am like the rain, there but for the grace of you go me.”  In fact, I love them so much I have the next to last verse tattooed on me in my son’s handwriting, and he has the last verse tattooed on him in my handwriting. 

Q: Why do you think staying at Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando resonates so deeply with guests? 

A: I think the Hotel resonates so deeply with guests mostly because of our team here. I feel when you allow people to be themselves and express their individuality — be it tattoos, hair color, piercings whatever they feel is telling others “who they are” — they are happier and that shows. Of course, the music and memorabilia brings people here…and brings them back.  How cool is it to stand only inches away from authentic memorabilia worn by Elvis Presley or a guitar played by Jimi Hendrix?  We want everyone to leave the Hard Rock Hotel feeling like they were treated the same way that Steven Tyler or Bono would be treated while they were here: like a ROCK STAR.


So now that you have a little insight into Molly and her role as Vibe Manager at Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando, wouldn’t you agree it’s one of the coolest jobs ever?