Martin Luther King Jr, one of the nation’s most prominent civil rights leaders, emerged from Atlanta and transformed America. One can encounter the city’s deep roots in the Civil Rights movement by walking in his footsteps and learning about his family, life and legacy in the civil rights movement.

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Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic City

Family, church and education were of the utmost importance to Dr. King. The MLK National Historic site allows you the opportunity to experience a bit of each. Tour the home in which he was born and raised, hear his voice resonate in Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he moved hearts and inspired minds. Be humbled as you view his final resting place.

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Civil Rights Museum

Designed to illuminate the connection of the American civil rights movement to modern human rights movements, this 42,000-square-foot center offers thought-provoking exhibits that are aimed to “reflect on the past, transform the present and inspire the future.” Here, one can admire the powerful stories and examine the compelling artifacts depicting our nation’s history, peruse the collection of Dr. King’s letters and writings or climb the replicated stairs leading to the balcony of Memphis’ Lorraine Hotel, where Dr. King was ultimately assassinated.

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Art Tributes

The significance of Dr. King life continues to be remembered through monuments and artistic expression. One of the most memorable tributes overlooks Atlanta’s most Instagrammed view. Here, Dr. King’s arm appears to be outstretched over the downtown skyline as he welcomes you to the King National Historic Site. Outside the MLK Memorial Centre, follow his life story as it is portrayed in a beautiful mural. Another option is to visit his statue located at the Georgia capitol. This statue was unveiled on the 54th anniversary of his legendary “I Have a Dream” speech.


Experience the legacy behind the man who helped shape a nation. Allow his dream to touch your heart and ignite your spirit.