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After two whirlwind weeks away in Washington, D.C. and Nashville, I admit that I was looking forward to feeling the New York City pavement under my flip-flops this week.  Selfishly I finagled the Loews Road Trip schedule so I could be home for my favorite summer holiday.  Not only am I excited to spend time with my husband and puppy on Thursday, but I also wanted to continue my 4th of July tradition of baking a blueberry pie.  You’ll come to learn that I have a slight pie obsession, to the point that I wanted to open The Pied Piper on the North Fork.

While meteorologists predict a hot, humid, and stormy week ahead, I am excited to explore the very city I’ve called ‘home’ for 8 years.  Even with umbrella in hand.  It is funny how quickly I settled in on the Upper East Side 8 years ago, yet I haven’t covered some major sights in the city.  My itinerary for the next few days epitomizes, in my mind, what is so great about New York.  My travels will take me to see major attractions like The Cloisters and the 9/11 Memorial, as well as small uptown eateries you may never read about in a guidebook like Medi Wine Bar and Uva.

As I type away in peace and quiet in my office (listening to my NYC-inspired playlist), just across the street there is a consistent buzz of jackhammers amidst a maze of construction equipment at the Loews Regency.  The iconic hotel, steeped in tradition on the corner of Park Avenue and 61st Street, is more than just a revolving door of guests seeking comfort in between their busy city agendas.  After more than 50 years, it became ‘home’ for many.  They would even defend the wallpaper, for goodness sake.  If the walls of the Loews Regency could talk, I imagine I would have enough material for not just one, but rather a series of really enticing, hard-to-put-down books.  Between the prestigious political figures, Hollywood royalty, and business tycoons that have graced the Loews Regency hallways, the anecdotes would be endless.  In addition, pepper in the quieter moments that very few probably know about — children playing hide and seek in Room 2126, a surprise proposal on the terrace of 1831, or manuscripts written at the bar, and you start to understand that 540 Park Avenue is more than brick and mortar; it is a treasure trove of memories.

Because many are so attached, the Loews Regency renovation is more than a project; it is years of hard work and planning coming together one piece of drywall at a time.  The project managers and marketers are walking a tightrope of celebrating rich traditions and legacy while becoming acquainted with modern day design and necessities.  That said, when the new renderings were revealed internally, the oohs and aahs could be heard all the way to Grand Central.  Stunning.    


For now, our New York love is ‘having a little work done’, and although all projects like this reveal the not-so-pretty inner workings of electricity and plumbing, we love seeing the redefined Loews Regency as she gets dressed up for her moment in the spotlight.  We are quite certain that you will want to join her as she hits the town later this year.  I know I will be there, champagne glass in hand.   Cheers to even more memories and milestones to come from within the walls of the Loews Regency.  

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