San Francisco

The craft cocktail movement is so popular across the United States, but I don’t know if any city has embraced it more than San Francisco. With so many popular and unique bars all over the city, it was hard to pick just three, but for you guys, I did. Take a look and see why I’m so into these three San Francisco cocktail bars.

15 Romolo

Courtesy of Zagat

This place is the epitome of crafty. Any place that has this that many different types of alcohol must be a craft cocktail haven (seriously, 27 types of just gin, only 6 of which I’d heard of before —and I love gin). The vibe is pretty relaxed, despite their extensive list of spirits. The jukebox here is pretty legit. And because it’s not far from the financial district, I highly recommend this spot.

Bourbon & Branch

Courtesy of Zagat

When this speakeasy first opened, I would have never have recommended it, because I could never get in, and neither could you. Lucky for both of us, it’s way more accessible now than it was before, and it’s a must-do during your time in SF if you’re a cocktail aficionado. I will say, if you’re a vodka cranberry kind of person, this isn’t your stop. All of their cocktails are meticulously hand-crafted, and you will want to go here, trust the process and order straight from the menu.

The Interval

Courtesy of The Interval at Long Now

If you made it this far, you’ve seen the photo above here, and you’re already hooked, right? Yeah, me too. This space is to die for; it’s so intricate and I’m obsessed. Now, put aside the super amazing space, and get ready for some amazing cocktails. Each part of the menu represents a different moment in time. There are fun twists on classics that are super tasty. The space is so cool, so trust me, check this place out!

I hope you enjoy a cocktail or two at one of these spots. During your San Francisco travels, show us your favorite places that you wander to using the hashtag #LoewsRegencySF.

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