Santa Monica

Ask someone what they love about Southern California. The sun, the ocean, the laid-back vibe, they’ll say. The convergence of cultures and cuisines. The easy access to nature and activities. The feeling that everyone is welcome to pursue their dreams. Whatever the answer, it’s bound to sound a lot like Santa Monica. And there’s nowhere that brings you the best of Santa Monica — and by extension, the best of SoCal — like Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

Here at Loews, your adventure begins the moment you say it does. Skip the freeways and the traffic jams; our doors open directly to the beach and the bike path. It’s pure, instant California, and whatever you like to do, you can do it here.


Loews Santa Monica is the perfect starting point for a day of cycling. Rent a beach cruiser and embark on a leisurely tour of the waterfront, past the iconic Santa Monica Pier and the famed Muscle Beach. Follow the bright green bike lanes and venture inland down historic Wilshire Boulevard, flanked by members of LA’s growing cycling community. Or if you’re a thrillseeker, head north to the Santa Monica Mountains and take on Westridge-Canyonback Trail by mountain bike. Cycling just not your thing? Fear not. Rollerblades are back with a vengeance and still a great way to explore. Lace up your skates, turn on your favorite tunes, and coast into the sunset. Honestly, what’s cooler than that? 


It just wouldn’t be a trip to Santa Monica without catching a wave. And whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned surfer, our concierge is always here to point you in the right direction. We promise, before long you’ll be standing up and riding a rush of adrenaline. After that last perfect run, shed your wetsuit for a swimsuit and bask in the golden glory of one of California’s favorite beaches. It’s a greatest hit for a reason! And with the beach practically spilling into the lobby here at Loews Santa Monica, you can play it over and over again.