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A Guide to Boston Beaches
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A Guide to Boston Beaches

Summertime is finally here for Bostonians and our visitors! If you know how the city of Boston works, you can understand we are taking full advantage of the heat and sun while we can. To get into summer like a local, guests visiting us at Loews Boston Hotel may want to take a day or two off from the city and enjoy a day at one of our Boston Beaches.

Carson Beach

Located on the border of Dorchester and South Boston, Carson Beach will be the closest destination beach from Loews Boston. A perfect location if you’re looking to stay in the city and not venture too far. Immerse yourself in the sunshine as you walk the sandy beaches gathering sea glass and admiring the ocean.

A Sandy Beach Next To The Ocean

Singing Beach

This beach gained its name due to the “squeaky” sound you hear as you walk on it. It is also known for the amounts of wildlife you may see such as butterflies, birds, crabs, and even a sand dollar or two. Be sure to bring additional towels, as this beach is known for its brrr cold, cold water. However, the sunset will be worth it.

A Sunset Over A Beach Next To A Body Of Water

Nantasket Beach

Our last beach offers a few differences from your typical beach atmosphere. At Nantasket Beach, you are able to experience various rock structures along with open spaces as you explore the area. Nantasket Beach is also dog-friendly, so bring your furry friend.

A Sandy Beach Next To A Body Of Water

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