San Francisco

Each week this summer we will be highlighting a different San Francisco neighborhood based on those that know them best — our Loews Regency San Francisco team.  

Our first neighborhood highlight is based on Marianne Wong’s favorite neighborbood within San Francisco.  Marianne is part of the concierge team at the newest Loews in the financial district of SF.

Marianne, how long have you lived in San Francisco? 

For most of my life. My family immigrated to San Francisco in the late 60s.

What is your favorite neighborhood in the city?

Every neighborhood has its unique charms and interesting history; it speaks to the great migration to California during the gold rush. But for the most current and dynamic history, I would say the Castro District has truly made its mark by impacting the LGBT community at large.

The Castro is a colorful, diverse destination for worldwide travelers. As well as being home for residents and business owners from the LGBT community, the Castro offers a lively nightlife, picturesque Victorian homes, and restaurants and cafes of every description. Take a guided walking tour to learn its history and the many milestones that helped create this mecca for LGBT people worldwide.

iStock_000047475854_XXXLarge. Dolores Park.SF

Within the Castro, what is your…

… favorite thing to do?

I enjoy spending the day strolling around the neighborhood, shopping, dining or enjoying a glass of wine at a local wine bar.

… favorite place to go?

Dolores Park, to take in the locals sunbathing, dog-walking or people watching.

… favorite bite to eat?

Anchor Oyster Bar on Castro Street and 19th Street. The freshest seafood is served in this tiny restaurant. Enjoy fresh oysters, fresh seasonal cracked crab or Cioppino, a local dish of fresh seafood stew first brought to San Francisco by the Italian fisherman who first landed on these shores. The same owner has been serving the local community since 1977. Don’t forget to select a glass of delicious California wine to accompany your meal.

Thank you for your great recommendations, Marianne!