Keeping your workout routine on point while traveling can get a little tricky — you’re visiting a new place, in a new hotel, possibly a new city, and you may not know the best gyms nearby. Some will opt to forego the workout because, well hey, you’re on vacation so no need to bring the daily routines along for the trip. Those who travel often for business, like myself, want to keep a routine as much as possible. In this blog, I’m going to share some of the best locations for Chicago fitness, so there are no more excuses for skipping that workout.

For the Yoga Enthusiast

Finding enough space to practice your daily morning yoga routine can prove to be a little challenging when most hotel rooms have beautiful oversized beds, giant desks, and one of those super comfy arm chairs. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy all of these amenities in hotel rooms, however practicing your downward dog while crammed between furniture in your guestroom isn’t ideal. So, why not take your yoga mat to the great outdoors, and savor the sights and sounds of the city just waking up for the day? One of my favorite places to practice yoga is along the lakefront. Most think that our lakefront is mainly biking/waking paths, which it is, but there are hundreds of nooks and crannies where you can find a peaceful spot under a tree or along the dock where you can stretch, pose and even enjoy your morning snack in peace. Here are my top “hidden finds” for the perfect yoga location outdoors.

(Photo credit: Millennium Park Website)

For the Runners

Some enjoy being plugged into their headphones on a treadmill with a view of the lake, at our gym. Others who enjoy running like to enjoy a great view or navigate a new city while getting their workout in. Jogging in the city can be a little challenging with all of the commuters, tourists and kids navigating our sidewalks. One of my favorite places to enjoy a run or walk is the lakefront. This is pretty much the mecca for the avid runner, cyclist or walker. With over 26 miles of path, you could even get in your marathon practice! Here are some of the best locations to start your run along the lakefront:

If you’re up for a full 18 miles, you could begin at the north end of the lakefront path at 5800 N. Sheridan Road, in Edgewater. This is as far north as the lakefront path goes and is where Lane Beach is located — a great place to stretch before you begin your run. Head south on the path towards Montrose Beach — another one of my favorite spots for a break because it’s Chicago’s largest Dog Beach! After getting in your daily dose of cute pups, head over to Cricket Hill, located just southwest of the lakefront in the park. This space is great for uphill sprints, stretching, or pretty much anything you need floor space to do.

For Gym Enthusiasts

For those who simply enjoy visiting the gym, here are a list of all the area’s fitness centers, all within walking distance form your guestroom door:

Planet Fitness – 240 E. Illinois (just across the intersection form the hotel)

Women’s Athletic Club – 626 N. Michigan Ave.

RIC Workout & Sports Center – 303 E. Ohio St.

And of course, if you are staying with us at Loews Chicago Hotel, be sure to check out our fitness center, offering everything you need to maintain your routine while traveling.

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