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The Met. The Guggenheim. The Louvre. What do these three landmarks have in common? They are now all located under one roof… at Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel. Well, to be fair, we did complete our Artist’s Wing expansion that nearly doubled our museum-themed meeting space (named after some of the world’s most well-known galleries) but, OK, we might not have the Mona Lisa hanging in your guestroom anytime in the near future.

However, our new Artist’s Wing does feature some classic framed pieces, hanging sculptures, a green rooftop covered in soil and wheatgrass, and even wind-powered electricity. Take a peek below at our Top 3 Loews Chicago O’Hare art installations:

Wesley Kimler’s The Prince

Often considered the Loews O’Hare mascot, Wesley Kimler’s The Prince (shown above) sits at an impressive 15 feet high and 27 feet wide. Interesting tidbit: the face on Kimler’s painting is of a disfigured Rembrand  an artist readily known for creating a repertoire of self-portrait paintings.

Brian Myers’ Areoplane

Areoplane is one of two pieces Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel commissioned from Herron School of Art and Design student-turned-teacher, Brian Myers. Myers’ Areoplane is the 30-foot painting that once sat behind the front desk in our lobby. Part of this same Skyscape series, Myers’ large-scale 3-D paper airplane installation currently hangs from the foyer ceiling of one of our meeting spaces.


Jason Peot’s Cubicle

Jason Peot’s Cubicle

Peot’s Cubicle, part of a large installation commissioned by McCormick Place, is an arrangement of illuminated wooden boxes that are based on the manipulation of light. Each of the small structures in this piece represents one of the 102 counties in Illinois. The amount of wood in each is directly related to the population of that county, resulting in shadows that illustrate the population density.

Still want more? Stop by the front desk and get a guided tour from a member of our concierge team.

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