Yee's Restaurant - Cantonese BBQ in San Francisco
San Francisco

Foodies have endless fantastic options for great meals when in San Francisco – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to make a selection for dinner. The abundance of first-class restaurants and authentic eateries can be dizzying. Which is why it’s easier to first settle on a type or style of cuisine and narrow your choices from there.

Yee's Restaurant in San Francisco

As big fans of all kinds of Asian food, we set our sights on sampling the best Chinese food in San Francisco. Here are three good bets we recommend visiting while in the city by the bay.

Yank Sing San Francisco

Yank Sing

What could be better than weekend brunch? Dim sum! Park yourself at a table and welcome the parade of dumplings and other delicious dishes. The only problem with this rolling feast is that you may end up saying “yes” to more steamer baskets from the trolleys than your appetite can handle. Yank Sing, located in the Rincon Center, just south of Market, is one of the most popular dim sum spots in San Francisco so it can get crowded quickly – tables are set up outside the main restaurant in the building’s atrium to accommodate more diners. Arrive early and come hungry! Everything we sampled was hot, fresh and flavorful, but our favorite was the soup dumplings (xia long baos).

Yee's Restaurant San Francisco

Yee’s Restaurant

If you’re a fan of Cantonese BBQ, make a beeline to this no-frills restaurant in Chinatown. You’ll recognize it by the hanging BBQ meats in the window. The lines of locals purchasing dishes to go at the front counter is always a sign of authenticity and there is lots more to savor on the menus inside. If you’re not a meat lover, the vegetable dishes are hearty and full of flavor. The highlight, however, is the BBQ goose, which is a Hong Kong specialty and hard to find in the U.S. Even better? The prices. You can have a decadent feast for two at Yee’s for just $50 – and we do mean decadent. The quality is hard to beat, even at high-end places.

Mission Chinese Food

If you like buzzy restaurants with a fun backstory, you’ll want to stop by Mission Chinese, which began life as a taco truck and then a pop-up before moving into its current space with an old-school Chinese restaurant facade. The restaurant describes its menu as “Americanized Oriental food,” which seems to mean creative, bold twists on Chinese classics. Popular dishes include tea-smoked eel rolls, mapo tofu and salt cod fried rice.