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Doughnuts have been a top priority for me the last 2 days in NYC.  I’m sure my family is wondering how I have convinced Loews that I need to be a taste tester of these sweet bites of goodness, but luck must be on my side.

I started the week at the perennial powerhouse, Doughnut Plant.  My first encounter with this establishment was at the 2011 New York City Wine & Food Festival where I sank my teeth into one amazing creation:  the Crème Brûlée doughnut.  The crisp, caramelized top with a vanilla custard filling is one of my all-time favorite desserts in the city.  I figured I should try a different flavor this time around, so I ordered the seasonal Blueberry Cake doughnut.  The vibrant, plum-colored breakfast treat fulfilled my early morning expectations and I’m afraid it may lead to a reoccurring craving.  The moist cake was carefully contained underneath a sweet glazed layer that didn’t crumble into a mess as I took a bite.

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This morning’s fried dough treasure hunt was more hunt and less doughnut, unfortunately.  The last few months, New Yorkers have worked themselves into a tizzy over Dominique Ansel‘s innovative ‘Cronut‘.  The culinary braintease is one part croissant and one part doughnut, and, from what I’ve read, two parts delicious.  After researching the website carefully, and cross-referencing with several blogs, I set my alarm to arrive at the bakery around 7 AM to wait patiently in line for my two Cronut allotment.

As my cab carved its path through the city streets, a bright red food truck parked on 23rd and Park Avenue caught my eye.  The side of the truck was painted with a very familiar logo that motivated me to do a double take: Carpe Donut.  Could it really be the Carpe Donut from Charlottesville, Virginia?  My husband and I had Carpe Donut at our post wedding brunch, so I have a soft spot for the warm apple cider donuts.  I immediately referenced Google to see if the Virginia favorite had made its way up to the Big Apple.  Yes, indeed!    

Shortly thereafter I arrived at the corner of Thompson and Spring to find my place at the end of a very long line.  According to sources, today was the longest line for the Cronut that has ever formed.  Just my luck.  Several members of the bakery team came out to talk to the eager Cronut-goers throughout the waiting period, and after 3 hours, I learned that I was not going to start my day with a Blackberry Cronut.  Devastating.  The trio behind me, who were quite entertaining throughout the wait, decided they were not going to submit to this verdict and handed over $50 to a gentleman hawking his 2 boxed Cronuts.  So, at least I can say that I saw my first Cronut on July 3, 2013.  Don’t tell anyone, but it looks a lot like a flaky doughnut.  One of today’s happy Cronut recipients exclaimed, “This is a glorified jelly doughnut!”  Even if that is the case, I’ll try my hand at the line again to find out for myself.  


After striking out in Soho, I walked over to the 6 train on Spring Street and rode up to 14th Street.  I accomplished some quick shopping at the Farmers Market for 4th of July necessities, and then decided that I deserved a doughnut to make up for my failed Cronut endeavor.  Thankfully, my morning cab driver revealed the best surprise of my week by driving past Carpe Donut, so I set my sights on a warm apple cider doughnut.  Utter joy in seven bites.  



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