New Orleans

After realizing this weekend that summer has indeed arrived in New York, I started to fear what type of weather I might encounter in New Orleans.  Surprisingly enough, the temperatures and consistent prediction of mid-afternoon showers isn’t far from that of my home city, but I imagine the humidity might reach a different level of ungodliness.  A little heat, rain, or ‘fluffy hair’ (as my niece refers to humidity’s toll on my ‘do) is certainly not going to deter my high spirits about the week ahead in New Orleans.

Knowing that Mother Nature can not be overcome, I started preparing for my 4th stop on the Loews Road Trip with strategic packing.  I turned up my New Orleans playlist, opened my suitcase, and started adding the essentials.


1.  An entertaining book to tide me over at the airport during inevitable weather delays.  Perhaps a thunderstorm is exactly what I need to finally learn how to cook.  

2.  Fresh sprigs of mint from my garden to spruce up the multiple water bottles I’ll pick up between airports, airplanes, and the Loews New Orleans.  Adding mint and lemon seems to be the only way to entice me to drink the ridiculous amount of H2O that I’m supposed to while traveling.  I equate this to adding ketchup to lima beans as a child…

3.  My pink notebook and mechanical pencil to keep track of my New Orleans highlights.

4.  All the sun protection gear my suitcase could handle:  wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a security-acceptable  bottle of sunscreen.

5.  An umbrella for those afternoon storms.  Travel tip:  Opt for a kid’s size for ease of packing, as well as fun color or pattern options!

6.  My go-to walking flats for hours of exploring the Big Easy!  Plus, I couldn’t resist wearing my floral ballet flats in the Garden District. 

I’m all ready for my next adventure, and now all that is stopping me is…  What else?  Weather delays.  I guess it’s back to Chapter 2: Preparing a Broth.  


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