Ashley and I had taken full advantage of our Universal Orlando on-site hotel Early Admission to Islands of Adventure, and we were excited to continue our fun day.  Just as the theme park started to fill up with muggles, we headed to Universal Studios in hot pursuit of MegaTron.  It’s an exhausting day when you have so many villains to track down…

Orlando Road Trip 083

We walked through the entrance gates to the original park and were immediately transported into an old Hollywood street scene.  Ashley knew this park like the back of his hand, so he took control of the situation and led us to our destination in no time.   And, wow, it could not be overlooked.  That is a massive transformer!  We stopped briefly for a photo op in front of the impressive Transformers 3-D entrance, and then we happily flashed our Express Pass to improve our position in a fairly long line.  Although I admit I am not a transformers expert by any means, the ride was very cool.  Besides the moment that I thought New York was going to be destroyed!  Although the larger-than-life 3-D adventure tested my fear of heights in the majority of the battle scenes, I still loved every second.  The ride came to the end and when I looked over at Ashley, I was fairly certain he wanted to go for a second spin.  However, I didn’t want to press my luck with MegaTron or Scrapper. 

Orlando Road Trip 084

Ashley agreed to head to a different ride, but only if it was Revenge of the Mummy.  Given it was my first time to the theme park, I didn’t have much preference as I just wanted to as much territory as possible that afternoon.  Revenge of the Mummy, it is!  We encountered another set of lockers, similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and I went through the quick process to stash my purse in the secure locker before getting in line for the ride.  Are we going to see Brendan Fraser?  We boarded our Mummy car after a short wait and I was sitting next to a very excited couple.  Evidently  Ashley isn’t the only one who lists this as a favorite ride at Universal.  I gripped the lap bar and before I knew it we were plunging into darkness with a not-so-happy mummy on our tail!  After encountering many creatures of the underworld, the mummy included, we arrived safely back at port.  Phew!   And guess who graced our presence?  Spoiler Alert!  That’s right, Brendan Fraser.

Orlando Road Trip 096

After Transformers and The Revenge of the Mummy, I needed a little levity, and who better to provide that then the Minions!  Beloved Gru and the minions were quite the draw so we utilized our Express Passes and went directly into the holding room to await our turn on the 3-D ride.  The doors opened to reveal a large room full of ‘cars’ situated in rows, auditorium-style.  We filed into our row and were seated 4 to a car.   Not more than a few seconds after we were settled, Gru and his girls appeared on the massive movie screen in front of all of the cars.  Turns out he was in the midst of a new invention where he could turn humans into Minions.  That’s right, muggles can now become Minions.  Just kidding, Harry.  I put on my 3-D glasses and prepared to be Minion-ized.  I wonder what I’d look like in Minion form?  The lighthearted ride had everyone in the theater trying to help Agnes deliver an anniversary present to Gru.  After all of the spins and whirls, we exited the theater into an ‘impromptu’ Minion dance party which, by the dance moves on display, was a hit with both adults and children.

I’m starving!  As we moved towards the back of the park, we decided lunch was in order.  A Butterbeer can only tide over a girl for so long!  We opted to pop into Richter’s Burger Co. within the San Francisco area of the park, and sit outside next to the Universal waterway since it was a beautiful September afternoon.  The juicy burger and well-seasoned cheese fries were just what I needed to forge on to Springfield for The Simpsons Ride. 

Orlando Road Trip 091

As soon as we arrived into the carnival-inspired Krustyland and surrounding area of Springfield, my eyes zeroed in on the large statue for Lard Lad donuts.  I nudged Ashley, but he insisted we head to the ride before contemplating dessert options.  Clearly we have different focuses at this park…  The lead-in to the Simpsons Ride was quite entertaining so despite having to wait for 10 minutes or so, we were perfectly content laughing at Homer, Bart, and the usual Springfield suspects.   Our designated ride lane was led to a room where the storyline was unveiled prior to boarding our Krustyland carnival car.  Ashley and I, along with six others, hopped in the car and soon enough we were lifted up from the cars stationary position to reveal a large projection screen in front of us.  Immediately we were thrown into the action as Sideshow Bob was trying to capture the Simpsons and destroy Springfield.  Yikes!  Luckily a larger-than-life Maggie saved the day after the fictional Krustyland took a severe beating while Sideshow Bob was on the loose.

Orlando Road Trip 093

We emerged back into Springfield and spent some time exploring the carnival games as well as everyone’s favorite Simpson-inspired stomping grounds such as Krusty Burger, Duff’s Beer, and Moe’s Tavern.  Finally, I twisted Ashley’s arm and I was able to enjoy my first pink-frosted donut.  Naturally, it was topped with sprinkles.  We decided to head back to the Loews Portofino Bay to see what was happening at the Beach pool, so we exited the park and sought out the next water taxi heading straight to Italy!


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