Did you hear my squeals of glee earlier today?  I’m sure they were loud enough to travel the distance.  I couldn’t help myself.  After a 5 hour flight and a thirty-five minute cab ride, I had arrived at the Loews Hollywood.  That alone would be enough to elicit a hearty ‘whoo-hoo’, but the best surprise was still yet to come.  No, it wasn’t a One Direction sighting.  James, the Loews Hollywood VIP manager, was the first to welcome me to the third most recent addition to the Loews  Hotels & Resorts portfolio.


James swiftly exchanged a key card packet for my roller board bag and started walking towards the elevators while inquiring about my travels.  We exited the elevator on the 18th floor and I was already ready to do a cartwheel down the beautifully renovated hallway.  James, this looks fantastic.  I love these jewel tones with the variations of gray.

“Just wait until you see your room!” James looked at me and smiled in anticipation of my reaction.

We passed a few guest rooms before arriving at my assigned room.  I pulled out a key card and inserted it in the slot for permission to enter.  Beep, beep.  The key card device flashed green and I slowly turned the handle while looking at James so as not to peek.  I waited until the door was fully opened before taking a glimpse.

Hollywood Road Trip 021 Hollywood Road Trip 022


After 30 seconds, I picked my jaw up off of the new carpet and gasped.  JAMES!  This is incredible!  The new look makes such a difference.  He nodded in agreement, beaming with pride.  He was clearly delighted to see my pure exuberance for the guest room overhaul that recently took place at the Loews Hollywood.

While James was situating my bag on a luggage rack for me, I walked over to the large windows that dominated one entire side of the room.  Now for my favorite part of staying in Hollywood.  I pulled back one side of the drapes to reveal a fantastic view of Hollywood & Highland Center, as well as the Loews Hollywood pool.  The view never disappoints here.  Whether the window overlooks the busy shopping & theater center or the famed Hollywood sign, it always feels like you are at the epicenter of Los Angeles.

Hollywood Road Trip 023

James handed me a card and my itinerary for the week and I thanked him as he headed on to tend to business.  I sat on the couch in my room while reading through my Hollywood assignments – theater tours, happy hours, and Universal Studios Hollywood.  I think I’ll be just fine in Hollywood.  As much as I wanted to camp out in my brand new room for the next few hours, I decided to explore the neighborhood to get my bearings.


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