Upon arriving in Montreal I was thrilled to learn that there was a beautiful, spacious park just a few blocks from Loews Hotel Vogue.  Except that I’d have no excuse not to run in the morning.  

The concierge handed me a handy map to guide me to the park and around a 3-mile loop; however, the map failed to note the incredibly steep incline that I was going to encounter enroute to the park.  As soon as I started charting my course I realized that this run was going to be a little more ambitious than most.  That said, it was incredibly scenic.  The city streets were just on the outskirts of McGill University so there were many students rushing to make it to their 8 a.m. classes, and Mont Royal Park was stunning with the fall foliage in full swing.  

Many hills and steps later, I made it back to my room at the Loews Hotel Vogue and decided that room service was the first line of business.  I was thrilled to see my two eggs sunny-side up, potatoes, rye toast, and OJ arrive at my door.  Much needed sustenance for planning a busy day in Old Montreal!

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