In the spirit of spring awakenings and fresh looks, we’re turning the spotlight on one of the more recent additions to the Loews Hotels & Co. portfolio, Hotel 1000 in Seattle. If you haven’t experienced this property, located a short walk from the Emerald City’s famous waterfront — or if you visited before the hotel’s multi-million dollar renovation — you may want to take a look at these photos of what you’ll find inside. The new-look rooms and amenities here — designed by Simeone Deary Design Group— may just have you booking your spring getaway trip to the Pacific Northwest this year.

Loews Hotel 1000 Lobby | Seattle

The Lobby

First impressions count, and at Hotel 1000, guests know they’re in for something special when they encounter the lobby’s striking light installation. An artistic representation of Seattle’s infamous rain (hey, if you can’t beat it, embrace it!), the light fixture is made from over 250 hand-blown LED glass droplets. The effect is bright and welcoming, more modern but just as impressive as an old-school chandelier.

Loews Hotel 1000 Seattle Lobby artwork

The rest of the lobby is a light, airy space, with a front desk that combines cold-rolled steel and a classic white marble. More local inspiration can be found in the two large murals painted with natural colors that conjure Seattle’s lush green and seaside landscapes.

According to the designers, it was the beautiful juxtaposition of Seattle that inspired the overall refresh — the contrast of the abundant nature surrounding the city and the urban grid of the city streets. A mix of the natural and the industrial can be found throughout the hotel, with a focus on the sunnier side, more airy side of Seattle, reminiscent perhaps of that awesome moment when the rain has cleared and the day opens up before you.

Loews Hotel 1000 Seattle Guestroom Design

Guest Rooms

Check into one of Hotel 1000’s rooms or suites and you’ll be greeted by more of this PNW feel. The palette for the redesigned rooms consists of soft greys, rich greens and a hint of rose for a dose of warmth. Abstract art inspired by Seattle’s topography caps off the organic theme.

All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar

All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar

Savoring Seattle’s fresh seafood is one of the true joys of a visit to Washington, which is why Hotel 1000 opened this new seafood-centric restaurant as part of the relaunch. The space is located on the site of an old 1936 tackle and bait shop, which informed the design of the new interiors. Portraits of fishermen and rustic materials that draw from those used in fishing boats — white-washed wood and metal — are paired with simple white brick to create a light, airy space brimming with maritime vibes.

Loews Hotel 1000 Seattle Bell Lounge

Bell Lounge

Craft cocktails are another highlight of a Seattle trip, and the city’s history is again channeled into one of Hotel 1000’s most stylish spaces. Bell Lounge was named for the Port of Seattle’s original Bell Street Pier, a bustling part of the city back in 1914. Today, guests can sample handcrafted cocktails with spirits from local distilleries at a beautiful Meyer Wells wood bar or find a cozy seat in front of the fireplace and relax with a glass of wine and bites from the bar menu. The wine cellar features a range of Washington wines, so guests can sample the signature flavor of the Pacific Northwest without having to make the trek outside of the city.

Loews Hotel 1000 Bainbridge Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms

In Seattle for work? Don’t fret; not all conference rooms are dull! At Hotel 1000, the same attention to detail and respect for the city’s landscape that was applied to the rest of the hotel is evident in the meeting rooms, too. In this case, the coastline of the Puget Sound and the ferry boats that trawl its waters was the design inspiration.

If the overall effect of Hotel 1000’s new look is to encourage guests to get out and explore Seattle and its surroundings, the design team will consider their job mission accomplished.

Like what you see? Learn more about Hotel 1000 and book a room here.