San Diego

There’s nothing quite like the pampered feeling of walking into a hotel room that has been prepared just for you. I remember so vividly the first time I stayed at a Loews Hotel, when the staff had found out that one of my favorite desserts is chocolate-covered strawberries, and there was a set waiting for me upon arrival. (Of course, I’d eaten one before I’d even put my bag down.) It was so welcoming to enter my room and find details specifically based on my preferences. Which is why today I’m talking about how to get that hotel life at home, sharing tips on how to make your overnight guests feel the same way.

Find out your guest’s favorite treats

This is a personal favorite of mine, because I love to spoil people when they come to stay with me. I love playing hostess, and this is a fantastic way to do it. Find out the snacks they love, their favorite chips, or just grab a bottle of their favorite wine. The possibilities are endless, and most of the time, you already know this info! What appetizer do they always order? What glass of wine? Or, even better, think about a favorite memory you shared with that friend and have fun with it. A friend who I went to college with came to stay with me; when we were in school together, all we ate was pizza rolls, so I bought a box for old times sake. We laughed and reminisced for hours, and actually enjoyed them. (Turns out, our palates haven’t developed as much as we’d thought they did!) My mom loves Ferrero Rocher, so I always have some waiting for her when she arrives.

Pick something you know they’ll enjoy, and you’ll be the hostess with the mostest in no time at all!

Write them a welcome note

This is one very simple way to make people feel instantly welcome in your home. You can make this as wordy or as brief as you’d like, even just saying “We’re so happy to have you here and can’t wait to explore with you!” You can also turn this into a cool opportunity to share how much you love and appreciate your visitor, and the fact that they took the time out to come and stay with you. Handwritten notes are typically a thing of the past, but they shouldn’t be! Bring back the magic.

Think about this: on a birthday or during a celebration, people hear good things all the time, and it fills their heart with joy. Imagine if this was the first thing they felt when they entered your home. I always jump at the chance to remind my friends and family how much I value them.

Show them your favorite parts of your city

This is a little tip from our concierge. When you first arrive to Loews Coronado Bay Resort, and you choose to visit the concierge desk, the team always takes the time to ask what you’re interested in. Types of cuisine, museums vs. natural explorations, super close to the hotel or willing to travel to a cool destination. Find this out from your visitors ahead of time, and have a plan of what you LOVE about your city. There’s nothing worse than playing the “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” game in a city you don’t live in or understand, so do the work for them!

Whenever my guests come to visit me in the beautiful city of San Diego, I always take them to my favorite taco place no matter what. It’s a hit every time. But I also take into consideration what kinds of activities they’d like to do with me. The San Diego Zoo is a favorite, and the USS Midway was a hit with my grandparents who came to visit. Think about what you love to do in your town, and show them that!

These tips are just a taste of the ways that we like to surprise our guests when they stay with us at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, and we work hard every day to bring the humanity back to travel with little touches like these. How do you make your guests feel extra welcome when they stay with you? Let us know on Instagram by tagging @LoewsCoronado or using the hashtag #LoewsCoronado!