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Loews Royal Pacific Resort's Jurassic World Kids Suites
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Loews Royal Pacific Resort's Jurassic World Kids Suites

Imagine this: you walk into a space where the adventures and excitement of Universal Orlando Resort’s theme parks are integrated into your hotel room. That’s just what designers did with our new Jurassic World Kids Suites at Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

When you step inside, you realize it’s no wonder the Jurassic World movie became a hit with kids and adults alike. Isla Nublar offered us a glimpse into a world where Velociraptors, pterosaurs and Indominus rex roamed the jungle, while Zach and Gray and other tourists rolled amid all the action on the Gyrosphere ride. How did we bring this adventure to life in a hotel room? We asked Laura Frazier-Sever from KBCO Design to share an insider’s look at what went into creating these all-new kids' suites.

How would you describe the Jurassic World Kids' Suite design?

The design style is a total immersion into Jurassic World. We want guests to feel that they are on the Gyrosphere ride maneuvering their way through the jungle terrain.

What’s your favorite aspect of the suite?

My favorite aspect has to be the bed! It’s incredible. We had them fabricated by an Orlando-based company and they are one-of-a-kind. When guests stay in these suites, they should know there’s nothing else quite like them anywhere on the planet.

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What makes the Kids' Suites so special?

They are completely custom, one-off rooms. Everything in the space was created specifically and intentionally for this room. The carpet is custom, the drapery is custom, the mural is custom, the bedding and beds are custom. If items were purchased, they were modified in a specific manner to make them unique for these suites. Beyond that, it’s the experience we hope guests really take away with them.

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How do you think guests will feel when they see their suite?

I hope guests feel a sense wonder and awe. For the young visitors, I hope their imagination will run wild and they can feel like they are a part of Jurassic World, navigating their way through the jungle. For parents and adult visitors, I hope the suites make them feel like a kid again.

Which element of the room design do you think will surprise guests the most?

I think guests will be surprised by the level of detail we were able to bring into this space. Every element is curated to create the Jurassic World of Isla Nublar, but in a fun and tangible way that isn’t too scary for the young ones and interesting enough for the older kids and adults.

See you in Orlando, and don’t miss Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, coming this summer!


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