Giraffes at LA Zoo

As summer approaches and the school year is about to end, it’s time to start drafting your list of activities to keep the family entertained. If your travel plans bring you to Los Angeles and you’re searching for some kid-friendly Hollywood-area activities, it’s time to hit the LA Zoo! Throw the kids in the mini-van and grab the sunscreen because there’s a world of adventure waiting.

The Los Angeles Zoo | Loews Hotels Blog

Call me crazy, but even as an adult there’s something exciting about the zoo — probably because it reminds me of the anticipation of a school field trip. It’s such a break from the normal day-to-day routine to spend the day outdoors with creatures from around the world. The Los Angeles Zoo is no different and a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

Giraffes at The LA Zoo | Loews Hotels Blog

Located about 15 minutes from Loews Hollywood Hotel, the LA Zoo is conveniently divided into different animal kingdoms of the world. Exploring it all is the perfect way to spend some active time outdoors with the family. Take a little tip from me and start your day at the zoo as soon as they open — to avoid the crowds and the heat! This way, you’ll get to have some of the exhibits to yourself before busloads of more kids show up.

The LA Zoo | Summer Fun

Get up close and personal with lions, tigers, and bears… oh my! You’ll find yourself learning about some truly incredible creatures and there’s always a helpful docent around who specializes in particular animals. The giraffes are always a big hit and if you plan your day just right you’ll even get a chance to feed them… can you say #igworthy?! And if elephants top your list of favorite animals, you’re in luck because their enclosure is the center point and spans quite a large area, allowing you a view of them from several other exhibits in the zoo.

Be ready for anything! You may even spot a peacock or two roaming the grounds. (Fun inside fact I’ve heard: they’re all named “Doug”… How perfect!)

Enjoy your adventure!

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