Sarah Raskey Loews Miami Lobby
Miami Beach

Heading to Miami for Art Basel? Loews Miami Beach Hotel is at the heart of it all. Not only is the hotel a short walk from the home of the world-renowned art fair and nearby satellite shows such as SCOPE, but it’s also host to its own expansive collection of commissioned multi-media artwork.

From the first moment you step foot into our redesigned lobby, until the end of the day when you rest your head against our beds, you’ll notice stunning art installations and design elements — all part of a $50 million transformation — that speak to the sophistication of South Beach and draw inspiration from our seaside surroundings.

Wander the resort property, and discover each of these wonderful works of art. (Heads up: Bring a camera. We suspect it’ll be hard to resist snapping a photo or two.)

1. “Stardust” by Sarah Raskey

Where to Snap: Lobby Reception Desk

Visionary artist Sarah Raskey created the centerpiece of Loews Miami’s art and design collection — an illuminated mineral wall aptly called “Stardust” that welcomes guests into the resort upon arrival. The installation is encrusted with brilliant blue, gold and white crystals and lined with dozens of other precious stones, including geodes, meteorite and even pearls. “This is contemporary art with old soul,” Raskey says. Her work is featured not only in our lobby, but also guestroom headboards and hallway carpeting, all of which evoke a similarly ethereal spirit.

2. Collage Mural by Derek Gores

Where to Snap: Bar Collins and, soon, the lobby next to Splash boutique

Stretching across the back wall of Bar Collins, our lobby lounge and restaurant, artist Derek Gores’ signature collage mural recalls the street art style of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District—one of many ways Loews Miami Beach brings the destination indoors. His works come to life as a collage of recycled magazines, labels, and other found analog and digital materials. “I like my pictures to barely come together with teasing little details,” says Gores. “Sort of like how the mind can’t help but wander, even when trying to focus on one thing.” Not surprisingly, this mural is no stranger to our guests’ Instagram feeds, and is so beloved that we’ve gone a new one coming soon. It will be installed in the lobby entrance, next to our Splash boutique store, just in time for Art Basel.

3. Palm Frond Mosaic Wall

Where to Snap: Americana Terrace overlooking the Lawn

One of our most popular spots for an Instagram pic, our outdoor Americana Terrace features the ultimate tropical mosaic wall. It must be something about those signature Miami-style palm fronds — depicted in luminous ombré tiles that graduate from light green to dark — that make it the perfect backdrop for a photo session in the sun.

4. Three Palms

Where to Snap: From the Third Floor Terrace overlooking the Pool

Say, what you want — counting our new poolscape as a work of art might sound like a stretch — but the Three Palms motif at the bottom of the pool is definitely a masterpiece just waiting to be photographed. Nothing screams South Beach like palm trees, and this signature design element makes our pool one of the most picturesque in town.

5. Wall Art curated by Indiewalls

Where to Snap: Hallways, meeting spaces, even your guestroom—you’ll find new artwork everywhere!

The remainder of our curated collection on display throughout the hotel includes more than 40 original pieces comprised of paintings, photographs, and high-gloss acrylic panels, in addition to 3D sculpture and multi-media collage. Thanks to New York art consultant Indiewalls, much of the collection has been curated from local artists whose work has been showcased at renowned events such as Art Basel.

Wandering Loews Miami sometime soon? Share your artsy photos of our signature design elements by tagging @LoewsMiami and using the hashtag #AWonderfulPlace.