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Poolside Sips & Bites at Loews Miami Beach Hotel
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Poolside Sips & Bites at Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Loews Miami Beach Hotel may have already had one of the most enviable pool programs in town — with our oceanfront poolscape and complimentary pool amenities — but now we've officially taken pampering to the next level. Introducing our new Flavor Miami-inspired pool amenities, perfect for anyone who'll be soaking up the sun with us at Loews Miami this spring and summer.

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Working with local food and beverage artisans including JuiceraSweet Armoire Alfajor, and Florida breweries like Wynwood Brewing and Funky Buddha, our culinary team has put together a list of refreshing Miami-style poolside sips and bites for our guests. Where else can you get an authentically local taste of the destination, without ever leaving your pool chair?

Kick off your day at the pool with a shot of cold brew cafecito (a Cuban classic that's basically the official drink of Miami) or a craft beer tasting from one of our local brewers, and continue being pampered throughout the afternoon with tropical fruit skewers (have you ever tried dragon fruit?!), frozen berries, cucumber-lemon coconut water, and cold-pressed juice.

And for those with a sweet tooth, our pool attendants will spoil you with mini mango mousse cones and samples of chocolate-covered alfajores (traditional Latin treats with dulce de leche sandwiched between two sugar cookies).

Take a look at these scrumptious treats, and meet us at the pool for a bite, won't you?

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Check out the full schedule of pool amenities below:

Cold Brew Cafecito
Mon., Wed., Fri., Sun. | 12 PM

Craft Beer Tastings
Tue., Thu., Sat. | 12 PM

Cold-Pressed Juice Shots
Mon., Wed., Fri., Sun. | 1:30 PM

Cucumber-Lemon Coconut Water
Tue., Thu., Sat. | 1:30 PM

Frozen Berries
Mon., Wed., Fri., Sun. | 3 PM

Tropical Fruit Skewers
Tue., Thu., Sat. | 3 PM

Chocolate-Covered Alfajores
Mon., Wed., Fri., Sun. | 4:30 PM

Mango Mousse Cones
Tue., Thu., Sat. | 4:30 PM

Wait, it's 4:30 PM now... Did someone say it's time for Mango Mousse Cones? Gotta run!

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