Having a delicious ice cream is a great way to indulge yourself as the city heats up. If you’re in Montreal this summer, stop in at one of these sweet spots to enjoy a cool treat.

Bar à Mochi

2 locations: 1024 avenue Mont-Royal E. and 131 avenue Atwater

This summer, Montrealers can enjoy an amazing Japanese delight at the brand new Mochi Bar in the Plateau neighborhood. Made with a creamy rice paste and ice cream, the mochi is sweet, but not too sweet and eaten cold. Mochi is not only tasty but eminently Instagrammable. A treat for your taste buds and your Instagram feed!


Kem Coba

60, avenue Fairmount O.

It’s worth waiting in line to taste one of Kem Coba‘s delights. The regularly changing flavors and delectable soft-serve ice cream make this a spot you won’t want to miss. Kem Coba also offers soft-served sorbet and gluten-free options.

Our favorite? La Belle, a twist of maple cream and pear sorbet. A dream in a cone!


Ca Lem

6926, rue Sherbrooke O.

At Ca Lem, the ice cream, sorbet and soft ice cream is beautiful, colorful and available in many exotic and tailor-made flavors. Rare ingredients such as lychee, taro and pandan are all part of the unique menu.

But if you’re not keen on novelty, they offer more traditional flavors as well. If you like watermelon as much as I do, their pink and green twist will seduce your taste buds!


Le Hoche Glacé 

225, rue Bennett

If you are vegan or lactose intolerant, you have plenty of choice at Hoche Glacé. This creamery offers a menu full of dairy-free options, from ice cream and coatings to sorbets, frozen yogurt and soy-based shakes. The menu also includes several non-vegan choices, so it’s a happy mix!


Dalla Rose

4609, rue Notre-Dame O.

Dalla Rose’s specialty: good old ice cream sandwiches upgraded with homemade cookies. Just pick your favorite ice cream from the list, and the cookies that speak to you the most, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a gigantic sandwich made with quality ingredients and local products. Cookies are optional, and you can also ask for them on the side. In addition, Dalla Rose offers vegan and gluten-free options. It’s a highlight of the St-Henri neighborhood.


Blueboy : Artisan Glacier

150, avenue du Mont-Royal E.

The Blueboy is a piece of paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. Our favorite part? The build-your-own concept. Add a bit of ice cream, a little topping and one of their superb syrups. Just thinking about it has our mouths watering!

Another hit is the ice cream served in huge chunks of melon or pineapple. These call for sharing, as they are enormous. We also love the inviting decor, inspired by the 50s.


Bon appétit!

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