Heading to Montreal this winter? Even if cold weather is upon us, the city celebrates wintertime with an abundance of outdoor activities, Quebec traditions and Christmas markets. Layer up and plan your visit and you’ll see why our Montreal winter wonderland is such an essential wintertime destination to visit.

Outdoor Activities

Winter in Montréal is not like the season in some cities and towns, where people stay indoors for months on end. Here, there are plenty of exciting activities to do from December through March. For the more adventurous types, there’s the chance to zip on a snowsuit and sled down the mountain with locals or ice skate to music under the stars in the historic Old Port of Montréal. If you are coming with your family, la Fête des neiges is definitely the place to go for snow tubing, dog sledding and wintry games.

Quebec Traditions

While winter may be not everyone’s favorite season, when we reach the month of December, the festive spirit is palpable and everybody gets geared up to celebrate. Here in Montreal, winter is all about hot chocolate by the fireplace after a long day outside playing with the kids. It’s also a time when families gather to cook traditional meals such as stuffed turkey, meat pies and maple desserts.

Christmas Markets

Merry Montreal is back this year with a Christmas market featuring local handmade and farm-grown products. The market is located in downtown Montreal and is a fun place to shop for unique Christmas gifts. While you’re there, take advantage of the many holidays activities taking place and don’t forget to take a photo with the popular Christmas tree.

See? There are plenty of reasons to love winter! What are you waiting for?! Come celebrate the season with us in Montreal.